Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What Not Ever To Do

So moms and dads take note. Never teach your child a new game right before bedtime and never try to distract said child from game by discussing birthday plans. It won't work, you will have a wound up child who refuses to go to bed more so than normal.

I taught G how to play I Spy last night because honestly I got tired of the pretend restaurant game she made up. So I taught her and she would ask me to "tell me to say?" I would then say, "I spy with my little eye..." and she would copy. Then she started doing it herself and it came out like, "My spy widdle eye..."

But she never let me guess what she was looking at. She would say, "My spy widdle eye my neckace dats wed and gween and hangin in momma's baffroom." It was pretty funny.

Then in order to get her off that game, I said, "Let's discuss your birthday party." So I started telling her who I invited and she said, "No I don't want dem come. I want Shay and grandad and grandad." She only wants my friend Shay and her grammie and grandad and yes she said grandad twice but she meant grammie because I checked. I told her Shay would be out of town but that her friend Swould come. She said, "And A?"

A is her California cousin, so sadly he won't be there either. So we are a bit confused about this whole birthday invitation list. She is afraid her friends will try to take her presents and/or bounce her in her bounce house. "You tell dem, momma, K?" Meaning I need to tell them to take turns and not bounce her and not take her gifts.

Oh and she was super tired and grumpy this morning because she could not fall asleep. I told her to go to sleep and dream of her birthday party and this morning she flat told me, "I not dweem of my birfday." Like , ha, you lied, tried to trick me, didn't work!!


Susan said...

I love the way Glenys plays "I Spy." Reminds me of how Ting Ting tries to do magic tricks: she will hide an object, then hold out her fists and say, "where go?" and show you her hands are empty. Of course, that is almost immediately followed by her saying, "here" and showing you where the "disappeared" object is.

Sometimes she makes it even funnier by doing it with an object (like a big ball) that could never, ever fit in her hand.

kris said...

I'm amazed at their memories! That she even remembered you TOLD her to dream of her party! Smart, this one :O)

Kelley said...

Oh I needed the smile that your post gave me! I love hearing what Glenys says!!! She is so cute!
Better luck tonight getting her to bed; :)

elizabeth said...

Oh, is she a smartie! I love it, and I love your conversations.
When I was living with the cousins I underestimated the memory of a two-year-old - I told the little one that we would watch whatever he wanted to watch when he woke up in the morning and after he had sweet dreams.
6:30 the next morning he flung open my door: "Wizabif, it's time fouw High Five. I dweamed about a cow pooping on my head!"


I might add that giving starburst as a bribe doesn't work by getting them into bed and asleep either ... but hey, w/4 kids i would try anything once just hear silence in my house ... hee hee ... can't wait to read your story !!!

Super Mommy said...

How about saying "I spy a sleepy girl . . ." Naw, she's probably too smart for that!

AZMom said...

Busy Boy has gotten hooked on I Spy too! Your daughter talks too cute!

I've finally figured out what we are doing for Busy Boy's birthday party. Now, I need to go and get invites and such. Want to come with? :-)

Denise Sullivan said...

She catches on fast. When my friend's 3 kids were close to that age, they would try anything to stay up..."Mom, I need some water", "Mom the closet door's open and I'm afraid of monsters", "Mom I can hear everyone laughing and I can't sleep". haha.

We try to keep Nate's bedtime routine as consistent as possible, otherwise, he's too wound up too. Especially if we come home late after a night out and try to whisk him into bed. Fortunately, he can't climb out of his crib yet. Doh!

P.S. Here's my friend's studio info in Arkansas:

Amy Kelton
tel: 501.454.1413

studio address: 217 W 2nd Street, Suite 305
Little Rock, AR 72201

Steffie B. said...

Oh dear....that little mind of hers must have been in over drive!

jeneflower said...

I have done that before too- getting Piney wound up instead of getting her sleepy with story time. Now I try to stick to stories that end with sleep. There are quite a lot of them.

mommy24treasures said...

yes Daddy is bad about getting everyone hyper before bed around here.
I love your Glenys stories.

Craig & Cindy said...

I will heed your advice.

That's funny that your friend has a Bassett Hound named Oliver, we want to name our son Oliver and we have a Bassett Hound! Weird! In a good way.

We're not members of the society, but we should be.


The Byrd Family said...

I feel like I can actually her her saying those things!

We LOVE "I Spy!"

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh my gosh! That's adorable! I love her little sayings!