Wednesday, April 23, 2008

While I Was Home...

For training for my job yesterday, my computer at work was being re-built. Lost all my links in my favorite, all forms etc on my hard drive because I couldn't think clear enough Monday to move it on the shared drive. I had several weeks worth of work that I have to re-create. ARGH!!

Okay now on to the birthday dinner last night at Ameca's Mexican Restaurant. The wait staff came to sing happy birthday in Spanish to G and brought a dessert. What happened next couldn't have been more surprising or caught us more off guard, the one guy offered G a bite of the dessert and as she leaned into it he shoved it up her nose!! We were stunned! I didn't even get the pic of it, just the aftermath.

G was not sure whether to cry or what. Thankfully, we recovered and kept her from crying. So just so you know what to prepare for, be ready to snap that pic right then!!

 G told me later that she never wants that to happen to anybody else ever. I had joked that maybe Grammie and Grandad could do that to Austin when they go for his birthday. Now, that is my mom's arm cleaning her nose as I was taking pics and trying to recover!!


Sharon said...

Look at Glenys' preciouis little, serious face! How could he do that!?!? Do you think he is just a jokester? But she is too young for that. I wish I could go over there and shove that cake up HIS nose!
She is a sport and tell her I send her a very soft birthday hug to her to make up for it. I am also glad she was surrounded by her support team! Not too much can be wrong with all that love around her.

Elizabeth said...

Poor thing! She was standing there all polite and he just shoved the cake up her nose. That is just not right to do to a child - OK, maybe a boy, but not a girl!!! However, I would have probably laughed (after making sure she didn't inhale sugary goodness into her brain). :)

Vivian M said...

I think that was totally inappropriate for the waiter to do that, especially without prewarning and obtaining permission!
Poor Glenys, I am glad you all laughed it off and tried not to make a big deal for her sake. Have you considered writng to the restaurant's management and complain?
Sorry, I have no sense of humor today.

Donna said...

How strange. And Gleenys proved what a big girl she is by handling it so well.