Monday, April 07, 2008

Wow! So I Am Fast

I asked G this morning why when she is at Grammie's can she go to the bathroom all by herself but when she is home I have to take her?

She said, "Well, mama, well, it's because you are quicker." So there you go.

Now riddle me this, why do children's clothing makers insist that my almost 4 year old child look like a hoochie mama? I picked up some shorts 3T that were low waisted and short legs. WHA'? I may be taking them back depending on how the boy denim shorts look on her. Also, the boy denim shorts were $3.99 and the girl denim short shorts were $8.99. Again, I ask, WHA'?

Call me a prude. I don't see the point in letting G run around looking like a pre-teen who wants to dress like a hooker!!


Donna said...

I still have to take Emma to the potty at home...and she's six!

ITA about girls clothing...I can't believe some of the things I see for young girls. I saw a little girl in Target a couple weeks ago with a shirt that said "Boy Toy!"

Anonymous said...

Seriously about the kids clothes? Barbies boobs got smaller and so did toddler clothes. You think there is a direct correlation?
And WTF is up with Bratz dolls? I'm NOT ok with those. They are like Angelina meets porn star. (Only angelina because they have uber lips and serious badonkadonk).

Couchkat said...

I'm with you sister. I hate some of the little girl fashion stuff. I'm trying to stay away from it all.