Monday, April 28, 2008

Ya'll Deserve an Update on Advice Please

I called the director and made it very clear that I was not mad, that I recognize that the teacher was not being mean spirited and that my call was strictly for possible training for all the teachers not just G's teacher. Of course after our conversation the director said she would speak to Ms. Teacher. So maybe everything I said went out the other ear but maybe they will be a bit more careful in what words they use around the kids. I even mentioned that G probably repeats stuff I have said in frustration or anger to my parents too. Well, the teacher in question wasn't there when I picked her up Friday and today G is not at school so unless Ms. Teacher says something to me I won't mention it.

Ms. Teacher did call me today to check on G and I am not sure if she really wanted to talk to me about it or not. She has already told me that I intimidate her too (that came up over a previous incident). I guess I come across stronger than I am which may or may not be good!! In reality I am way too passive. But Shhhh what they don't know will be a benefit to me, heh!!


nikki said...

Seriously, remind me not to stay away from your blog for a week again - I missed about 20 posts!!
But, ah, I feel better now - all caught up.

Hope your sunburn is healing.
Hope Ms Teacher watches what she says to your kiddo in the future.(ouch!)
Glenys is just cute as ever - I love hearing all the funnies that come out of her mouth!

Vivian M said...

I just cannot picture anyone being intimidated by you, you are a kind soul!
Hopefully things will improve with Miss Teacher now that she has received a talking to, and regardless how she feels about you, she has no right to talk to children in a hurtful manner.
Kudos to you for speaking your mind!

Heather said...

I don't mind bruises, Lord knows I get enough of them myself;) it's just that I hate to see him running full tilt into things and whapping himself. The cane, once mastered will (almost) eliminate that. Plus, it lets the cars on the street (all 40 or so that go up and down each day) know that he can't see; many people can't seem to tell. Not sure why, I guess they just don't expect to see it so they don't.
His latest bruise tho' seemed to have been caused by my brother, he had Acer on his shoulders, came up to me with sobbing child and muttered something about attempted decapitation. Not sure what they would have hit at church, but they were both not happy.
I'll have to post pictures of my sunburned feet sometime for you to see, I do truly understand your pain with your current sunburn.
No news currently on Little Miss, prayers that the CCAA give CHI the paperwork soon.
Heather BT

MKBookWorks said...

Ugh - teacher confrontations are the worst (well, today I found out that MD confronts are not great either - but whatever!).

Yes - we have to check on the 'reports' we get to be on the safe side... EFP 'said' her teacher gave her candy, told her to "just quit it" and made her sit in the corner (the teacher told her to go sit in cozy corner for reading time - if she goes ALL the kids go!) All are partly true - but none exactly right either. SO I keep in touch with the teacher and exchange info... I doubt you are intimidating, but some teachers don't want anyone asking questions.

Hope your sunburn is better... Missy
Mom to EFP & EBB

The Byrd Family said...

I know how Nikki feels....I can't miss too many days not checking your blog! You are so busy girlfriend!!!

I'm glad you made the phone call and now you can just give it to God and He will watch over Glenys.

AZMom said...

I missed the blog about her teacher. What happened? I think I intimidate just about every teacher my kids have had. I tend to be a bit protective of my kids and have no problem speaking my mind (as you have read regarding the t-ball incidents LOL)

Ouch on the sunburn!! I hope it heals up soon!

Love all the pics!!!

laurel said...

You are a good mom.

Yoli said...

I have been negligent about checking up on blogs and I obviously have missed a lot. I had to laugh when I read about the intimidating. See, we are Moms, and we can be so unassuming and timid and kind but mess with our kids and we are Howard Stern on steroids.