Saturday, May 31, 2008

What We Did Today:

Well today started off earlier than usual for a Sat. We picked up my friend Shay and headed off to the farmer's market. We picked up some honey for Grandad and two plants for us. Then we road the trolley on the downtown loop. That was kind of fun, esp. since it was G's first time.

Then we went back to Shay's house and helped her plant her purchased plant. I took some of her oregano that is going nuts in her herb bed. Then we all went to Pei Wei for lunch. Then G had an ice cream "comb" at the Baskin Robbins. Shay and her hubby went home at this point.

G and I headed back down town because I thought I had left my glasses on the trolley. We waited at a trolley pickup point and checked put they weren't there. This trolley pickup point is at a fountain of sorts that people turn into a water park down town. G got to join in the fun in her clothes as is was not a planned stop for us. So after that I stripped her down and put on her daycare spares (panties) and came home.

G fell asleep but when we got home she insisted that she was just "restin'" and that she did NOT fall asleep even though I took a pic and turned off the Christmas music we have been playing non stop in the car. Yes, I know it is May 31 and yes we are listening to Christmas music, singing poudly and loudly to the songs. I am tired and yes we missed the official nap.

An Award! Just for Me?

She named me one of 5 Blogs That Make My Day Award. Isn't that nice. You can go read the other stuff she said about me but I say award and my eyes went to stars so I didn't really see it. You know the "big head" syndrome and all that.

Anyhoo, I am supposed to nominate 5 other bloggers and I can't rename the blogger who gave it to me. That is okay though because she is one of a whole bunch that I read everyday.

So in no particular order, other than the order in which I found them while typing this out, is my 5 blogs that make my day plus one because I am unconventional that way and don't follow instructions:

Jurlpower Very funny non-adoption related, found her through blogher ads. She just has a way with telling life's reality with humor.
And Bai Li Makes 3 Bai Li has made it home to her family. Sharon and her hubby are returning home to their older two kids with their newest dollbaby. She had a struggle for a bit but she is coming round to this forever family way of thinking.
G's twin by another mother Nuff said. Actually this child sounds so much like G down to the things she thinks and says. Her mom is careful to document the funny life Lily leads.
The Rachel Chronicles TingTing keeps her parents straight. She is adorable and growing up too fast like they all do. Plus her mom is a displaced southerner!! She needs some southern hugs!!
The Byrd's Nest Precious family serving God in TX. Sometimes we are served in the blogosphere from a daily devotional or maybe just because real life came into play and we take some of the wisdom.
Life with Kerri Who just happens to be almost a travel buddy with G. They share the same referral day and I was in a yahoo group waiting with Vivan. They happened to travel before us I think but we still share the waiting experience and referral day as China sisters.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I <3 Bishop Harry Jackson

check the link in the title of the post to see why. This is just one reason. Here is his website for more info.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Calling All Prayer Warriors

This was posted by a friend to an adoption group. This is real not a forward. Notice the list for which we are asked to pray. In our easy peasy western lifestyle, do you suppose we would ever be able to stand up to the kinds of threats other believer's live daily? I would hope!

Dear Friends,
Please pr' for a local believing friend of ours who has been kidnapped / arrested (we are not sure which) by "police" 12 hours ago. Makset, our friend, is a UN refugee for religious reasons. He is a Christian who fled for his life from Uzbekistan and was temporarily living here in Kazakhstan. The UN has called all police stations and they say they know nothing of his arrest. Please pr' for our dear brother Makset.
Pr'for:-endurance in torture
-strength and wisdom
-early release
-intimacy with the L'rd
-safety for his wife and 3 boys
-strong testimony
If you or I were apprehended like this we would certainly treasure every pr' that was offered up for us. Imagine yourself in Makset's situation, then cryout to the Father on his behalf.
Thank you for pr'ing for our brother.

A New Law In Colorado

That will make it illegal to prevent a person who has decided to be the opposite gender from going into or using facilities designated for the opposite gender. In other words a man who has decided (not necessarily looks like) that he should be female can use the female facilities and anyone who should try to stop him would face huge discrimination fines. The Colorado legislature has decided that this is the best way to handle transgendered people and is paying back the gay billionaire, Gill (I believe is his last name) for helping them get into office.

Now this will open up public restrooms for all types of pedophilia and possible attacks on women because a man only has to say he thinks or believes he is a woman to use the facilities and no one will have the legal right to challenge him. I didn't say all transgendered people are pedophiles or rapists, but this law is so broad offering no protection for the majority of people, women and children, in CO. And it won't stop there!!

By the way, just because a man cuts his wanker off and takes hormone suppressing shots with female hormones, it will never make him a woman and vice verse for a woman wishing to be a man. The DNA in each and every cell determines a person's gender at conception PERIOD. So you can dress whatever way you wish but just because you look like a girl doesn't make you one, mister! There was no mistake.

A person can grow up feeling different from others of the same sex and still remain of that sex and well within the correctly defined bounds of that same sex. Society decides sometimes wrongly on how a boy and girl should work, play, think etc and to some extent some of it is nature but a small part. But a sensitive boy who is not the rough and tumble athletic type is still a boy, not a girl trapped in a boy body. That is then stereotyping what girls are like when you do that. And a rough and tumble girl should not be made to feel that she should be a boy or act a certain way to be a girl because again you are stereotyping the other sex by defining it as opposite of what you are. Do you see that or no?

If I say, as a female who happens to be extremely athletic or enjoy the hunting etc and I say "well obviously I should have been a boy", then I am defining what maleness is by the things I am doing rather than accepting that girls also enjoy those type activities and can be fully female.

Our whole society has gotten things upside down in this gender identity thing. What does it mean to be a boy or a girl in the US? If you are female and like particular things and another female likes opposite things can't they both be female? Why determine one is more masculine therefore, one of the females should have been a man? Same for men. Isn't that truly the basis for tolerance, accepting the broad definition of what is femaleness and maleness as opposed to accepting as equal someone surgically changing themselves into the opposite sex? Because DNA says you are still the one sex before the operations.

This is absolutely crazy to allow people to refine their gender. It isn't even scientific to do so!! Wouldn't it be more beneficial to counsel the person regarding the trauma from the childhood or the issues of nonacceptance the person faced as a child? It would certainly be more sensitive and less stereotypical of one sex or the other.

I mean really it is sexist for a man to just decide he can be a woman by shaving every part of his body, cutting his wanker off or taping it back and dressing in froo froo clothing to "look" like a girl!! That really should be totally insulting to the feminist movement. It is more to it. When a man goes through the monthly hell of a menstrual cycle then maybe we can talk, mmm'K?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

These Were Much Needed

I desperately needed these tactical gloves to help plant flowers this past Saturday. Apparently the fingers are made such that you have maximum dexterity and precise finger tip feel. Which means not tearing those delicate leaves or roots of the plants. Actually it would have kept the dirt out from under my fingernails and I could have preserved my nail length. Instead I chopped them off, the nails not the fingers. Of course I would need to re-purpose them for the flower bed since they are better used in the police ranks. But who would care right?

In all seriousness, now that we have honored our military personnel, we can now remember our police men and women who daily serve and protect us no matter what war is brewing overseas. The importance of making sure our police have the equipment to do the job well without injury or death is extremely important. I should know, I lost a grandfather in the line of duty serving a routine warrant. I never got the chance to know him since he died in 1969. So if you have a friend or relative serving in the police ranks, let them know where to get tactical gloves.

Word Cloud

Found this
here. Go
here to make a cloud from your blog.

Looking at the words more closely I see that some of the words are from the comments so this site takes the comments into consideration too. I like that Adoption is very large as is glenys.

Wordless Wednesday-Grandfather's adoration

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Pics from the Weekend

G stayed in her pool all day practically. We had a picnic in the yard even. Mostly we stayed at Grammie and Grandad's house all day.

This summer, my mom is going to attempt to get swimming lessons for her in July. For that I am totally thankful. I can't take her and I have no idea who would pick her up from daycare to take her if not my mom.

About the pics, G loves her trampoline. She makes grandad and grammie get in with her. Sometimes at the same time. She was waiting on her pool to fill up.

She doesn't put her head in the water yet so to get her hair wet she pours it on herself. She is so funny in the water. But she is an only child and requires that "somebody come pway wiff me!"

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

The fun we have had today is all because of those men and women who have given their lives in wars to keep us free. Thank you, members of the military and families of those men and women for fighting for the freedoms we enjoy particularly our religious freedom. May God help you keep our freedoms intact for now and forever.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Zoo with Grandad and Grammie

But first the pic of G in her PIF dress and the matching hairbow.

Next G in the "egg" at the zoo in the petting farm.

See the smile on my dad's face? Does he love his grandkid or what?
She was brave enough to pet the sheep with grandaddy's help.

This was ride number two on the carousel.
She was too tired to walk!
Resting from before going to the water, which she didn't get in.

Tonight was a member's only night at our zoo. The "river" was open for the kids to go and play in. G  bragged about how she was going to do it all by herself and that she would lay down in the water and get her feet wet. Yeah! Big Talk that was all, she only got her feet wet and that was because I walked her into it.

We were there just over 2 hours, much to my parents chagrin, and we saw lots of things. G even was able to ride the merry-go-round 3 times!! Now she is at their house spending the night and I have a bed with clean sheets all to myself! Yea!! But I have to get up early for breakfast at my parents because G doesn't sleep late with them, boo!

Super Athletic

Did I ever mention how glad I am that G doesn't have my genes? She is super coordinated and super athletic. She can literally make baskets in a goal even in the adult size goals. She can shoot the plain balls not basketballs yet. At the pizza place they have a goal challenge and in general I am not sure she totally understands the concept but she made two with no problem. She got a bit distracted here and there. Generally though she did really really well.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Planting

Grandad holding a turtle close so we could see.
Three generation of female hands digging in the dirt.

Big helper G watering the newly planted tomato plants. Showing of her proudest moment, getting her hands dirty!!

We were going to stay home today but we called grammie and grandad to see what they were doing. They were planting flowers.

G said, "Can you beweeve gwammie would plant without G and Beverwy?"

She was so excited to plant that we had to pack up and come to grammies. Dirty dirty dirty, are we!!

Post Referral Celebration

G being a lizard or snake with celery stalk strings.

Holding her referral pics.

G and her travel buddy. This travel buddy's mom used the same agency and received referral the same day as I. G and G were from different provinces so we only saw each other in Beijing and Guangzhou!

Me with the girls!!

Pay It Forward Gift Received

How fun!! G and I received our package from SuperMommy and her gorgeous girls. We had fun opening it!! Of course this compared to what I sent, well, let's just say, I am cheap. Sorry PIF gift receipients!! LOL! As you can see, G was thrilled with her gift and will wear it to church in the morning or on June 1 when we join the church! That is a special occasion and needs a new special dress, don't you think?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh To Kind Anon

I hate incredible pizza. That is why I don't want to do this. I want to celebrate my child's life fo' shizzle, bizzle. But OH UGH and ARGH!! Incredible Pizza is just chuck e cheese without the rat! The pizza isn't that good either and this one round here just had a big gang fight at it. So this may be my last post, who knows.

Oh and I am so sad today because of Myanmar, China quakes, tornadoes, pets dying (not mine, yet) and the Chapman's child, I am heartbroken and crying at the drop of a hat!!

I feel so badly for her brother. How does a parent grieve the loss of one without causing more guilt to be felt by the brother, not intentionally done by anyone but oh the tragedy, the sorrow, the guilt!

Jesus Christ, Creator of all things and Sustainer of the world, I ask blessings and comfort to rain down on the Chapman family at this time especially the brother. His heart can only be healed by You the Great Physician!

You were not taken by surprise at any of the tragedies in recent months. You have a great plan to use these things for Your glory and our good. Right now we see through a glass dimly but one day, as Maria Sue has seen, we will see clearly.

You hold our tears in a bottle so none are wasted. How unworthy we are to come to You but for Your Mercy! Comfort those hurting, bring them close to You!

Give those of us left behind a better understanding as to how to truly love our own children better with much more grace and mercy as You bestow on us. Don't let these tragedies go without some good coming from them though we may never see it in this life.

You love us, You died for our sins, You gave Your all to bring us to live with You eternally. Even so Come Lord Jesus, Come Quickly!

May 23, 2005

Was the day I received the call and a fax of the first page (with passport pic) of G. It wasn't a very good pic but you could tell she was a baby with chubby cheeks and a frown!! My dad just said, "Well, it looks like a baby." Oh well don't get all excited there, thankyouverymuch!

Anyway, can it really be three years? Law! It sure goes fast. Much faster than I wish.

To celebrate I am meeting one of our travel buddies and maybe some other friends at Incredible Pizza. I am not looking forward to it but G is beside her self with excitement!! I am reserving the right to take her on special occasions and other people's birthday parties. This will not be a regular for us and I hope to goodness sake it isn't going to be extremely busy when we get there.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Agree

petThey maybe comfy but I have decided they are better suited for children not grown ups, really.
more cat pictures

You may be wondering? I am cheating for the last two hours of this day!!

Test e-mail

I am sending this from e-mail to see if it will post.  I got caught using the cell internet instead of the work internet to reach the blog so now I am restricted to home and they blocked bloglines too.  Even e-mails that are attached to a site come through restricted so I can’t even see the feed from LOL CATs or LOL DOGS, sad!! 


I think it is a bit restrictive, a bit overboard but whatever.  As the IT guy said, “You shouldn’t blog at work.”  So basically he doesn’t understand!!  I will see maybe at lunch if this works or not.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So I am having a dilemma that I will actually answer in this post. I already know my answer I just don't want to do it. But first I must write what I believe and profess:

I believe in God the Father Almighty,
Maker of Heaven and Earth,
and in Jesus Christ,
His Only Son, Our Lord:
Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit,
Born of the Virgin Mary,
Suffered under Pontius Pilate,
Was crucified, dead and buried.
On the third day, He rose from the dead,
He ascended into heaven
and sit at the right hand of God the Father Almighty,
from there He will come to judge the quick and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. Amen

I believe every line of this creed!

Now on to the dilemma, we belong to a reformed evangelical Presbyterian church that is over an hour away from us. I takes about as long to get there as it does work. Plus it is in the same city as work which would mean driving there 6 days a week on this gas. It is a very friendly church. It is a very welcoming church. I felt loved and accepted as a single adoptive parent. They supported my adoption and G was baptized there. It also challenged me intellectually as well as spiritually. I grew by leaps and bounds and was even disciplined there. Even through that they loved me and walked me back away from that sin back into fellowship. I want to go back there. I have been a member for 12 years. I am very conflicted about leaving it. I haven't been conflicted about any other church I have left membership (two previously my childhood one and another).

Roughly, for the last two years, we have been attending a church that is literally two blocks away and we walk there on pretty days. It is a United Methodist Church, not reformed. My favorite grandmother was a member of a UMC and believed and professed the same creed word for word as I do. But and this is a big but, to be a member of this church you don't necessarily have to profess faith in Christ. They even allow unconfirmed children to participate in communion. I believe the minister is a believer and sometimes preaches an evangelical message. Mostly it is stories but I feel a change coming as he asked everyone to start bringing their bibles every Sunday.

G loves the UMC. She loves the pastor. She loves the children's class. When I talk about our old church she says, "you memer our old church where we walk to?" They love her at this church. Most of the members I have known all my life, went to school with them or siblings. Some were teachers in high school or counselors there. It is old home. It is not diverse. G is the most diverse person there. It is small, and mostly married or old people. The teen group is small as is the children's class.

I don't want to pray about it because I don't want to move. The UMC though is completing their new sanctuary and on June 1 will have a big celebration. I need to move membership there. I guess I can talk to the pastor later about the beliefs. They sent me a card to ask if I would consider joining, which I need to fill out and send back. I don't want to go back to my old home (growing up) church although G can participate in all of the functions since my parents are still there. There really are no true reformed congregations near by. And this is a very close church. They love us too! We right now only attend Sunday morning but when we join we will start attending Sunday school too.

Maybe it is sentimentality that is keeping me from joining. I don't have any real connection anymore to the Presbyterian church other than friends still there. I still tithe there. It is just a very hard decision to make and I know when I make it I will probably cry. So tomorrow is reserved for tears as I will return the card and do the right thing. Maybe one day if we ever move back to our old house we will resume membership with the Presbyterian church again.

Wordless Wednesday-Teenage angst

Courtesy of Blame Bush! LOL

Free at Last, Free at Last, Good Golly Miss Molly, Free at Last!

The California Supreme Court's unanimous decision in favor of same-sex marriage is not only a victory for the Gay Community against mean straight people, but a triumph for equal rights. Up until today, only heterosexuals were allowed to marry members of the same gender. Now gays can, too! More importantly, the court's ruling is a noble gesture of compassion for a race of people that has suffered far too long under the cloak of oppression.

Imagine waking up every day knowing that simply because of the person you choose to love, you'll have to file your taxes differently than everyone else. Hitler did the exact same thing to the Jews! It's a cruel indignity no human being should be forced to endure.

Caring for a sick loved one is also something we all take for granted, but in most states gays can't visit other gays in the hospital. It's against the law! What if the only person you ever loved was on their death bed, and you weren't even allowed to be at their side in their final moments to say, "Gosh, I'm sorry I gave you AIDS"? It's hard for us insensitive heterosexuals to envision such a nightmare, but it's a terrible reality that members of the deeply passionate and overly dramatic Gay Community suffer through every day.

The California Supreme Court has finally removed the tiny "except for gays" asterisk on their state's Bill of Rights with this nifty new law they've written. I pray to a gender-neutral God that a more progressive SCOTUS under President Hillary follows suit and legalizes same-sex marriage nationwide - centuries of tradition and the moral fabric of society be damned.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You Want To Know How We Celebrated?

We went to the grocery store and 2 hours and $323 later, we came home. I haven't been grocery shopping except here and there since Dec or Feb when I received a bonus or tax refund. So we were well over due. I even saved $50 with the kroger card and one try it free refund. I don't do coupons because when I need something I usually don't have the coupon with me.

I used to do the household coupons when I was in teens etc for my family. That job has now become my dad's. I also used to go with my mom, who only went once every two weeks. Large family lived 20 mins away from the grocery store. Now my dad has taken on the grocery/coupon role at home.

I told G that she could either have a balloon or a toy. I of course was thinking no more than $5. Apparently, there are more expensive toys than that there. So she picked out a V-tech writing toy, more than I wanted to spend for finding day. But she played with it walking out to the car and this morning even. She loved it. Then we came home and ate hot dogs and white cheddar cheetos!! Love them.

I posted some random pics of G from the weekend. She is going to be a super ball player. She can really drop kick a ball well!! She also only likes to swing on this tree swing like this or in someone else's (grandad's) lap.

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19, 2004

This is an auspicious day for our family and at the time we didn't even know it. I was doing nothing in particular that day other than in general gathering the paper for the dossier and working. I was logged in Oct 29, 2004 and ended up having a 7.5 month wait, receiving referral on May 23. (So sorry for those with a current wait of much longer.)

G had already been born in April. Obviously she wasn't G then but a name I will never know to a family that gives their appearance in G's features only.

But on this day, G was found by an anonymous man on a street across from the Civil Affairs office in Wuzhou. He then took her to the police station who then took her to the Wuzhou SWI. So as opposed to be sorrowful on this day, and it is a sorrowful day due to the familial loss, I wish to celebrate G's Finding Day!! For if she were not found, then she would not have begun her journey to our family!

Now as she grows up we will find the way to celebrate her finding and mourn her loss of her first family. I give her permission to do so. I give myself permission to wonder about her family and wonder if just possibly the anon man was a family member given the task of taking this now growing baby from the family. Or maybe it was a worker who pulled G from her first family in the name of family planning. These things I will never know.

What I do know is that if she had been placed anywhere other than the side of the street on that auspicious day, our paths may not have crossed and I would not have had the wonderful experience of parenting this child.

So in honor of this day, we will celebrate together and pray for her birthfamily who lost out on knowing this precious gift.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Retro Friday-Never Early, Always Late

I don't know why I like this pic of me but I do. I have no idea how old it is either. It was Christmas though and I was living on my own, that I can tell by the shirt! Don't ask why I know that but I do.

Review Blog?

I am considering starting a review blog. Could pay decently. At least enough to purchase my beloved coffees for a month per post. I would not post family stuff on it, but if I thought a review would be interesting to some of you regular readers I might mention it here with a link. It won't take the place of the payperposts though. As regular readers, you know you can skip the posts that are of no interest and my feelings will not be hurt.

I may start it tonight so if anyone has a catchy title spring 'er on me and we will see. I need to be home to think about it a bit. Can't decide here at work too much high school bs going on here.

I Figured It Out

I figured out how to get G to go to sleep. Well, that is until she figures out what I have figured out. She is smart, that one.

I have started putting a cold cloth on her eyes. She has to be still to keep it in place and then she falls asleep. Why did I not try this sooner? When I say all that it takes is her being still to fall asleep I speak the truth, that is all she needs to do and she knows it so she doesn't get still until now.

She has been complaining of burning eyes and twice they made her cry. One day at nap she was using the burning eyes as an excuse not to go to sleep so I thought of this cloth trick and it worked. So we have done it a couple more times and it works. I don't want to over use it, but I damn well will recommend using it several more evenings!!

She was asleep by 9:30pm last night a whole 15 mins after lights out as opposed to the hour minimum she normally stays awake. Yee Haw!! After almost 3 years of not going to sleep I think I have solved it!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Half the Sky's Children's Earthquake Fund *CORRECTION*

Ford Motor Company announced that it would match every EMPLOYEE gift given through Global Giving to the Half the Sky's Children's Earthquake Fund. So if you work for Ford and were going to give anyway, double your effort by clicking the link!!

The news out of China is pretty devastating. As someone said they knew about the one child policy but now after this we see just what a difficult policy this is on families. Some of the families will effectively end now. So many more children orphaned, so many parents left to grieve. It is just a sad sad situation.

This correction was updated today on Half The Sky's site.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

800th Post and Conversation with G

This is my 800th post. Cool hunh? I wonder if I can get to 1000 by my second year anniversary of blogging? Something to shoot for!

You three winners of the pay it forward, there has been a delay in getting the gifts to the post. Actually I got the gifts to the post on Monday, and realized I didn't have the addresses at the same time. So then Tuesday I left work early, and didn't have time to mail them, then today I went to lunch with a cousin. So tomorrow I am going to the post with gifts and addresses to mail them. So sorry they are late.

Last night after my shower, I was complaining that my knees were itching. For some strange reason they were itching but I couldn't see anything on them. And G said, "Well...(dramatic pause) I can't deal about it." LOL!

Then later in bed as she was trying to avoid sleep which she did well even after taking drowsy causing medicine, she asked me about gotcha day. Actually she said, "You memur, a yong time ago, why did I cry when you held me?" So we talked about how she didn't really know who we were or had never seen anyone that looked like us before. About her falling asleep the minute grandad took her.

Funny the times she brings it up, usually not when I think we have time to talk about it, like bedtime. I will always talk to her about it though because it is def. not something for us to hide!! I want her to always feel like she can talk to me about being adopted not that I will always understand but at least I will listen!!

The Thing That Stops the Cleaning Progress

I hate to clean my house because I get stuck looking at pictures, reminders of a previous single childless life that although it was fun, I now am only able to enjoy in pictures. I start reminiscing about the trips taken to Greece, Spain, Holland, London and a tour through France and Italy. Those were the days. I hope one day G can also enjoy fantastic trips like that. I know I will be encouraging her to do so. Maybe we can even travel together if she doesn't think I am such a bore as a mom.

I remember one weekend a co-worker and I traveled to New York City to visit an ex-coworker who had recently moved there. We literally left on Friday night after work only to return early on Monday morning and work the same day, which for me was absolutely crazy. I need more sleep than that. It took me a week to recover. I didn't even tell anyone I was going. I just boarded the dog and left. I think we got some really good deals on tickets, and it was just the right time.

We stayed with the ex-coworker in her very tiny apartment. Her apartment was very cute and neat; had to be. My friend and I slept on an air mattress in the "living room" which melded into the "bedroom", "dressing room" and "dining room." I truly felt like I was in a different country that spoke American English. There was def. a bit of a culture shock and I sounded so much more southern than I do down here!

I was so excited to be there as I had always wanted to go but had never truly planned a trip there. The weekend was pretty wild but so much fun. We met the boyfriend of our hostess and a friend of his who happened to be a girl, which did not go over very well with our hostess. We stayed out way too late all three nights and were up way too early all three days.

One night we ate dinner at a restaurant that had the absolute best bar none spaghetti and fried zucchini. OMGosh it was so good I still dream about it. That was 4 years ago, and if I could have this again I could die happy!

In the same restaurant was Willie Nelson who was in town for the New York Marathon going on the next morning. That was pretty cool to see him. I couldn't get close to him because there was an extremely drunk woman hitting on him pretty hard. By the time I saw him anyway he was trying to leave except for the extremely drunk woman blocking his progress. He did wave at me though, we were that close and I wished him luck in the race.

The restaurant was Eileen's or Aileen's and I think it is pretty famous, but at the time I didn't know it. I can see every detail still in my mind though I did not take my camera out much. Could not tell you for the life of me where it was or how to get there.

In the same restaurant, there was a very wealthy older man who was buying drinks for some PTYs (pretty young things) who continued to imbibe until one passed out on the table. I had a really good time just observing him hitting on them until we were invited to his table to share in the overflowing juices, and our hostess accepted his offer.

Then our hostess left to flirt with someone at the bar as she was extremely mad at her boyfriend for a perceived injustice he committed by bringing that friend I mentioned earlier to dinner the night before. This left my travel friend and myself to have words with this older man. It came down to a battle of wits between the three of us. Oh and I am not sure we ever introduced ourselves. And I think my friend won. We continued to scold him about his buying drinks for the PTYs as he attempted to defend his actions, LOL.

Now I come from a city that does go to sleep at a decent hour and was in the city that never sleeps so I am not used to the hours people kept. I assure you I was totally fascinated by it but couldn't believe the fast pace of life there.

Everyone in NY is an aspiring actress/actor working as a waitress/waiter. We had several spontaneous serenades by wait staff in different restaurants. I think they were hoping to be discovered by someone in the restaurant, not necessarily singing to us. We saw movie sets and actual filming going on, but I don't know what was being filmed. Being there was an incredible experience even though it was such a short trip.

A weekend is really not the best length of time to visit since there are so many things to do in New York City. We did get to go to the museum and participated in a scavenger hunt that literally took us all the way through all of the exhibits. That was very cool.

We saw the Empire State bldg from afar. We took a walking tour through Greenwich Village and other places I can't now identify. It was such a whirlwind trip. I am not sure but I don't think I have walked so far in so few days as that trip. It was so much fun but next time I want to stay longer and not have to return to work so soon!! A girl needs a day to recoup.

We probably should have signed up for some sightseeing tours, since our hostess had literally been there all of two months. She didn't totally know her way around but she did really well getting us to the important places like Starbucks, Ground Zero, Rockefeller Center, the "Mad About You" apartment bldg, the deli from "When Harry Met Sally" (famous org. scene), and the Gap, heh. We ended up at the end of the marathon Sunday night, and was able to talk to some of the participants, one of which was a female in a wheelchair. So many memories of a very fun time.

Maybe the next trip will be Boston. I am trying to convince my very BFF to go on a girls weekend to celebrate our 40th. That will be in 2 years. Don't you think Boston would be a good choice for two 40 year old mom's. Maybe we can make it a mother/daughter weekend for us and our girls. Def something to look forward to and plan because the fun is in the planning.

Wordless Wednesday-Motion

For another project I must add words to this post. G received the trampoline as a birthday gift from my parents. It will stay at their house and we have already had tears about it.

Grammie didn't pick her up last night like she wanted and when Grandad came to get her she fell apart. So they ended up taking her home to jump then bringing her back to my house. I hope this doesn't become a big problem. My mother will pick her up today to take her home to jump too. At least today I will get a meal out of it.

Got It

Remember this? Well, just call me Ms. Presenter or co-presenter!! Now the conference isn't until November so I have all the time in the world to procrastinate on this, heh heh. Actually I will work on it through out the summer etc. Here is the e-mail:

co-presenter* "and Beverly,

Thank you for your submitted proposal. We are excited to have you present at the annual Family Focus Conference this year. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance between now and the conference and I will be in contact with you as the conference nears.

Your proposal looks very interesting and the topic is defiantly(sic) something we hear often from the families we assist in the post adopt community.


*names witheld for privacy

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Which I Am a Bit Schizophrenic In My Moods

What a wonderful afternoon. Grammie and 14 other educators/staff were honored at a retirement party. G and I were there as were my brother and one of his kids and my sister, her fiance and both of her kids. I saw many people that I knew or had known in the past. I got some pics for other people as well as Grammie and our kids.

My nieces and nephew were quite impressed to see grandad's senior picture on the walls. My dad and his sister and brother graduated high school from the same place I and my siblings did. This is the same school from where my mom just retired.

They had strawberries covered with white chocolate, Oh The YUM!! G and I shared some of the chocolate. My sweet niece got me two before they ran out then I was able to get the last one on both tables. There were lots of folks there.

Then we went to my parents house to let G jump on her birthday present a Trampoline. I have pics but they are all sideways right now. So the first pic is of my brother, his daughter, my sisters daughter, my dad and G. The next pic is of mom receiving her retirement service plaque. The last is of Grandad swinging G on the swing he built her but on which she will not swing by herself! Oh and my oldest niece just got contacts on her beautiful brown eyes!!

Then my dad treated us to the "cowboy" restaurant where you throw peanuts on the floor. My sis, her fiance and her daughter had to leave before this because my niece is a superstar softball player, in 6th grade playing with the 7 th graders!!

And my "s" key has dislocated itself from my keyboard. Do you know how difficult it is to type with a missing "s"?

Prayers For China

When I was waiting to go get G, after referral, South China had major flooding and lots of death. Nothing compared to the earthquakes but scary still. In Wuzhou, there were many deaths due to the flooding. Waiting over here when your child is over there in an unknown situation is very difficult, I know. A total helplessness and disbelief came over me until verification came that the SWI was fine. Stay in contact with your agency because they will try to get information quickly about the children.

So for all of the waiting families who know who your children are and who are in the areas of destruction, I send you my thoughts as I lift you and your children in my prayers. May you be united soon.

For all of G's China sisters left in the SWIs waiting for their forever families, I pray safety and God's guiding hand in their lives as the government and others step in to help. For those who have lost family members to the tragedy, I ask God to comfort you in this time.

Oh This Is Another Re-do Week

I dropped G off in tears this morning at daycare. She woke up congested and decided she didn't want to go to school. She cried and made herself sick. Sadly, when I am rushed and with a work week like this I have to be tough. Being tough makes it difficult to be sympathetic and then I just get angry. So poor baby may be sick, but I am one of THOSE moms who won't take the temp because I can't afford to take off work!! NO FLAMES PLEASE!! She didn't feel hot to touch so I felt fairly safe that it is allergy congestion only.

We have to go to my mother's retirement shindig anyway this afternoon which means picking her up from school early! I hate being unsympathetic. I hate not being able to bring her with me or not being able to stay home. I didn't have my work computer and after yesterday I didn't feel right about staying home anyway. Oh the sacrifices we make to eat!!

I hope I left her in capable hands. I told her if she really got to feeling badly then to have Ms. Teacher call me and I would come get her. I hope she perks up some. I hope despite her congestion she has a good day. I gave her medicine last night and this morning.

Monday, May 12, 2008

It Happened Again-(long)

Third Thing fired the HR Generalist that was hired after me. We had gotten to be friends. She had never actually been an HR Generalist before but for having not one bit of help from the branch manager for whom she worked, she did real well. Of course the branch manager never wanted to employ her anyway because she had her own friend to come work who is now the new HR Generalist. So now my only "friend" is the communications person that is having her own issues with her own boss and is getting married in July and may or may not return.

Friday one of the owners came to tell me to make sure I stay out of the branch business because I am a corp. function. He meant for me to not help them answer questions that didn't belong to me but should originate in the branch. I was getting a lot of questions that I couldn't answer and then sent people hither and yon, making the company look stupid. Anyway, he told me that the branch wasn't going to like me but that the branch had to stand on its own!!

So to say I am a bit nervous is an understatement. My boss called a meeting with the branch manager and the COO and our dept, acct. last week. The issues were issues I and my co-worker in accts. payable came up with. The branch manager quickly interrupted me with her answers to my issues. It seemed that no one but me noticed the interruptions.

Then she met with her own people, but what was taken away was "don't mess with beverly." WHATEVER!! So this morning one of the receptionists told a caller in front of me, "We aren't allowed to transfer calls to payroll anymore." WTF? That was not what was said. What should have been said was ask questions to find the right direction. Just because someone says, "let me talk to payroll or accounting" doesn't mean that is where they should be.

This whole thing started because I didn't get to work until almost 8:30 am on a payday. But I am not at all branches on payday. I didn't need to be there on payday. Also, the questions they were sending people to me about were not things I could handle. Pay discrepancies don't start with payroll but with operations since I only process what operations gives me.

Then one of the receptionists sent a terminated employee to my office (HIPAA information everywhere) without warning, and he wanted his check (uniform return) that I don't issue. Oh and when that person called back he called me "sweetie" twice and then cussed me so I hung up on him. The branch manager told the COO that I hung up on an employee without even speaking to me first to find out why I hung up on him. The operations guys know this branch manager doesn't know anything about what she is supposed to do or how to do it. This branch manager runs to the COO with every little thing.

I am determined to just do my job. Never mind that the company reneged on my employment agreement to let me come to work by 9am, which I never did, always by 8:30 at the latest. Oh and I stay late when I can. Of course I did have jury duty that one month. Payroll hasn't been late nor wrong or unfixable (one or two minor errors) since I took the whole thing over. UGH!! I just have fear and uncertainty in me.

Weekend Recap

Well we reciprocated with our across the street neighbors. After church and nap, I got the jumper out and invited little friend and her sister (because with one you get the other) to jump. G was driving me crazy to have N. over and apparently N. was doing the same. After being here an hour I gave them Popsicles and cool-aid.

Then the older sister, EC, wanted to go bring her bicycle over to ride in my yard. My thought was "why? why can't you just jump or go home?" I told her she could ride in her own drive way or stay and jump.

Then little sister, N., wanted to go inside and play, but once in decided she was afraid of the cat. I had previously asked the mom in case of bathroom needs, and she assured me neither girl was afraid of cats or dogs. Well, apparently N. is afraid of every cat except her grandmother's cat.

Then big sister had a friend's mom and friend bring back something that was left after a sleep over, and that friend decided she wanted to jump so I had to invite her. So I had two big kids and two little kids. G fell on her face on the driveway and fell apart. Of course at that time one of the big girls accidentally knocked G down. Now she wasn't hurt physically but her feelings were. She is absolutely not used to having that many girls over to play. How do you invite one girl without the other?

Then the neighbor's grandparents came over to for dinner (not my house but theirs) so G and I decided to go to my parents for a breakfast dinner. Love breakfast for dinner!! We got home and in bed at 10pm only to have to start the whole week over again today!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Got Some (im) Patience!!

G's daycare had them paint flower pots for mother's day. Then the teacher planted pink impatients. After reading her I was thinking how neat that would be to receive. Then I did on Friday afternoon while picking up G.

So last night in bed I asked about the planting of the flower and G explained that all she did was paint the pot. Then I said, "Do you know the name of that flower?" She said, "Well it's not a people!"

Pics from the Zoo

G kept saying, "let's go see the wonstrich." I kept hearing her say, "let's go see the one ostrich." Well, we have two ostriches at our zoo. Finally it dawned on me that she wanted to see the rhinoceros. Yes we have one very old and lonely wonstrich!!

Next is an African millipede. Don't let the picture fool you. It was as big as the palm of my hand and as round/thick as a finger.

Do you know the difference in a tortoise and a turtle? One lives in the water and one doesn't. Which is which?

G and me on the train ride.

G on the cow. She remembers when she and two other China sisters sat on this same cow two years ago. And no sunburn for either of us today.  G kept checking my arm too.

It is raining/pouring now. Glad I got the yard mowed.