Wednesday, May 14, 2008

800th Post and Conversation with G

This is my 800th post. Cool hunh? I wonder if I can get to 1000 by my second year anniversary of blogging? Something to shoot for!

You three winners of the pay it forward, there has been a delay in getting the gifts to the post. Actually I got the gifts to the post on Monday, and realized I didn't have the addresses at the same time. So then Tuesday I left work early, and didn't have time to mail them, then today I went to lunch with a cousin. So tomorrow I am going to the post with gifts and addresses to mail them. So sorry they are late.

Last night after my shower, I was complaining that my knees were itching. For some strange reason they were itching but I couldn't see anything on them. And G said, "Well...(dramatic pause) I can't deal about it." LOL!

Then later in bed as she was trying to avoid sleep which she did well even after taking drowsy causing medicine, she asked me about gotcha day. Actually she said, "You memur, a yong time ago, why did I cry when you held me?" So we talked about how she didn't really know who we were or had never seen anyone that looked like us before. About her falling asleep the minute grandad took her.

Funny the times she brings it up, usually not when I think we have time to talk about it, like bedtime. I will always talk to her about it though because it is def. not something for us to hide!! I want her to always feel like she can talk to me about being adopted not that I will always understand but at least I will listen!!


AZMom said...

Bug has been talking a lot about her adoption too lately. We looked through our China trip scrapbook just last night. She is at an age where she wants to know why she was not living her with her birthparents though and those are some tough questions especially since we have no answers.

Bug has always asked why she was crying and then she sees us crying in the pics and asked why WE were crying. I'm glad Glenys feels comfortable talking to you about her adoption. My friend's daughter has a girl who is adopted from China (with Caucasian parents so it's not like it is transparent that she is adopted) in her class and her parents will NOT let her talk about being adopted. Drives my friend (and I) insane.

Super Mommy said...

A little chatty are we, eh?? Congrats on your 800th post, now breathe! I just can't deal about it either!

The Straight's said...

I look forward to these conversations with Shelby one day. I just hope I don't cry the first few times ;)

Vivian M said...

Funny, Kerri always brings it up at bedtime too. Maybe that is when they finally slow down and have time to think, or feel more vulnerable?

Elizabeth said...

800!!! WOW! Congrats.
Glenys's comments always crack me up (the one about your itchy knee). I wonder if she found the quiet of nighttime comforting to discuss her adoption? (Or she's just brilliant and knew it was a topic you'd discuss therefore using it as a stall tactic... not to imply she doesn't have questions, but rather implying she's THAT smart.)

Yoli said...

Your little girl's observations and her funny come backs, touch my heart so deeply. She is something else isn't she? Bless her.

The Princess's Mommy said...

I love the conversations with Glenys! She's adorable and the things she comes up with just make me smile! Congrats on the 800th post!!