Friday, May 02, 2008

Conversations with G

Last night G told me that blankie bit her so I put blankie in time out. Then G told me that blankie was sorry which meant that she wanted it back. 

I said, "Oh did blankie miss you?" 

She said, "Nope, you memer, he don't got eyes." ??!?!?!?whatever that means!

Then I told her that Grandad's bday was going to be today and she got all excited planning his party and of course he needs toys so what toys does he want? Oh and he needs a spiderman cake because he is a boy!! And mom how old will you be on your birthday and will you be older than grammie and grandad? "Oh I can't wait, my throat can't wait until tomorrow."

She has all of a sudden given her throat the ability to decide her emotions. It is her throat that makes her grumpy and cry. It is her throat that is so excited to go to Grandad's birthday. I keep trying to tell her that her throat doesn't have a say in her tears!! I guess I should let it go as I blamed everything on my invisible friend.

My dad told my mom that she needed to order a birthday cake for him, really for G. So she told me that when I called to tell her to get candles and a spiderman balloon. G told me that she is going to sing happy birthday not grandad and not grammie that she is going to sing happy birthday to him first!! My goodness she got herself so wound up over his "berfday."

I dropped her off at daycare and asked them to let her make him a birthday card and they did. I may have to go out there and at least get pics of the berfday!!


Anonymous said...

Little kids make everything so much funner! I bet Glenys' enthusiasm will bring so much more joy and excitement to your dad's birthday than it could have ever held if not seen through the eyes of a little one!

Donna said...

How fun for both Glenys and your dad. When I turned 40 my older daughter was so excited that everyone in the restaurant knew my age. Enjoy.

Vivian M said...

How wonderful! I am sure it will be a very special birfday!

nikki said...

That is so funny!
Lily has a habit of mentioning her throat at very odd times too...hmmmm. (just today, as a matter of fact)

Our girls are so much alike - I can almost always totally relate to what you're going thru over there!

Hope the berfday party went well, and that grandpa enjoyed his spiderman cake.

Michelle said...

Isn't it great how our little ones get so excited about ALL birthdays...not just theirs! I hope grandad enjoys his
spiderman party!! : )

Briana's Mom said...

I love how excited she is! So cute!

The Byrd Family said...

How wonderful she is so excited for someone else's birthday. Lottie is like that also....Glenys has a sweet heart.

Anonymous said...

Glenys sounds so funny! Well, I can see how she could think her throat is is the culpirt :). And what are you going to do about that biting blanket??