Thursday, May 15, 2008

Half the Sky's Children's Earthquake Fund *CORRECTION*

Ford Motor Company announced that it would match every EMPLOYEE gift given through Global Giving to the Half the Sky's Children's Earthquake Fund. So if you work for Ford and were going to give anyway, double your effort by clicking the link!!

The news out of China is pretty devastating. As someone said they knew about the one child policy but now after this we see just what a difficult policy this is on families. Some of the families will effectively end now. So many more children orphaned, so many parents left to grieve. It is just a sad sad situation.

This correction was updated today on Half The Sky's site.


Johnny said...

I have been thinking about this.

It's like we have "relatives" over there (via our kids), but we don't.

Or, we're unsure.

The quake hit the region of both our kiddos.

Yoli said...

Thanks for the link Beverly!

laurel said...

We are heart broken over this too. It is so sad.