Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Which I Am a Bit Schizophrenic In My Moods

What a wonderful afternoon. Grammie and 14 other educators/staff were honored at a retirement party. G and I were there as were my brother and one of his kids and my sister, her fiance and both of her kids. I saw many people that I knew or had known in the past. I got some pics for other people as well as Grammie and our kids.

My nieces and nephew were quite impressed to see grandad's senior picture on the walls. My dad and his sister and brother graduated high school from the same place I and my siblings did. This is the same school from where my mom just retired.

They had strawberries covered with white chocolate, Oh The YUM!! G and I shared some of the chocolate. My sweet niece got me two before they ran out then I was able to get the last one on both tables. There were lots of folks there.

Then we went to my parents house to let G jump on her birthday present a Trampoline. I have pics but they are all sideways right now. So the first pic is of my brother, his daughter, my sisters daughter, my dad and G. The next pic is of mom receiving her retirement service plaque. The last is of Grandad swinging G on the swing he built her but on which she will not swing by herself! Oh and my oldest niece just got contacts on her beautiful brown eyes!!

Then my dad treated us to the "cowboy" restaurant where you throw peanuts on the floor. My sis, her fiance and her daughter had to leave before this because my niece is a superstar softball player, in 6th grade playing with the 7 th graders!!

And my "s" key has dislocated itself from my keyboard. Do you know how difficult it is to type with a missing "s"?


mommy24treasures said...

glad you had a lovely time! SOrry about your "s" ;)

Vivian M said...

Yum, love chocolate covered strawberries! What beautiful pictures, and memories.