Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Interupting This Wordless Wednesday

My mom had chest pains and her work called the ambulance. She and dad are now at the ER waiting. She isn't having pains anymore and I am hoping it was indigestion but please pray because I am not ready to lose her although she is spiritually ready to go. No she doesn't have a death wish and otherwise is not ill but as a Christ Believer she is not afraid of death, neither am I for that matter but I don't really like to think of the process.

Of course, my dad calls to tell me I have to pick G up tonight, this being a Wednesday and a normal grandad pickup. He did not tell me about my mom until I asked why he couldn't pick G up. That is my family for you. I am at work waiting for him to call and let me know what is going on.

If it weren't for G, I wouldn't even know!!


amy said...

will be praying my friend

Tasha said...

Oh man. You and G. and your family are in my thoughts today!

Susan said...

Your family sounds like my family. I cannot tell you how many major incidents in my family I have heard about only because I happened to call my sister to chat and she started with, "have you talked to Mom and Dad today?" And I do talk to them often!

I'll say a prayer for your Mom. I hope she's OK.

Julie said...

Prayers, Hugs and Love coming your way. Please keep us updated!

Wendy said...

You all in my thoughts!!!

Hopefully, it is something minor.

fricke92 said...

I will keep your family in my thoughts! Hope your mom is OK.