Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Isn't Life Funny?

This time last year we were dealing with my dad's prostate cancer and this year my mom's heart. They are keeping her for observation, starting a saline drip and a PIC line? Anyone, anyone, Buehler?

They are going to do a stress test tomorrow and mom said it felt like more than indigestion so maybe her co-workers were being overly cautious. Mom is frustrated and just wants to go home. Dad will stay with her and I don't know if I am needed to go there or not. Probably not. So I waited on dad to call me and he never did. I called him and he left his phone with her so I talked to her until someone beeped in on us.

I don't know more but will update when I do. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers.


Anonymous said...

O!M!G! What a day. I understand the IV of saline, but why the PIC line? Your mom is in my thoughts. Keep us posted!!!

mommy24treasures said...

oh I hope she feels better quick and it isn't anything serious.

Lea said...

Just read about your mom. I hope that everything turns out ok and it is a PIC line, I have had one. Don't know what it stands for, but it keeps them from sticking you a million times when your veins have run dry. As a former kidney patient, I had/have no veins. Keep me updated! I need to email you anyway!!