Monday, May 12, 2008

It Happened Again-(long)

Third Thing fired the HR Generalist that was hired after me. We had gotten to be friends. She had never actually been an HR Generalist before but for having not one bit of help from the branch manager for whom she worked, she did real well. Of course the branch manager never wanted to employ her anyway because she had her own friend to come work who is now the new HR Generalist. So now my only "friend" is the communications person that is having her own issues with her own boss and is getting married in July and may or may not return.

Friday one of the owners came to tell me to make sure I stay out of the branch business because I am a corp. function. He meant for me to not help them answer questions that didn't belong to me but should originate in the branch. I was getting a lot of questions that I couldn't answer and then sent people hither and yon, making the company look stupid. Anyway, he told me that the branch wasn't going to like me but that the branch had to stand on its own!!

So to say I am a bit nervous is an understatement. My boss called a meeting with the branch manager and the COO and our dept, acct. last week. The issues were issues I and my co-worker in accts. payable came up with. The branch manager quickly interrupted me with her answers to my issues. It seemed that no one but me noticed the interruptions.

Then she met with her own people, but what was taken away was "don't mess with beverly." WHATEVER!! So this morning one of the receptionists told a caller in front of me, "We aren't allowed to transfer calls to payroll anymore." WTF? That was not what was said. What should have been said was ask questions to find the right direction. Just because someone says, "let me talk to payroll or accounting" doesn't mean that is where they should be.

This whole thing started because I didn't get to work until almost 8:30 am on a payday. But I am not at all branches on payday. I didn't need to be there on payday. Also, the questions they were sending people to me about were not things I could handle. Pay discrepancies don't start with payroll but with operations since I only process what operations gives me.

Then one of the receptionists sent a terminated employee to my office (HIPAA information everywhere) without warning, and he wanted his check (uniform return) that I don't issue. Oh and when that person called back he called me "sweetie" twice and then cussed me so I hung up on him. The branch manager told the COO that I hung up on an employee without even speaking to me first to find out why I hung up on him. The operations guys know this branch manager doesn't know anything about what she is supposed to do or how to do it. This branch manager runs to the COO with every little thing.

I am determined to just do my job. Never mind that the company reneged on my employment agreement to let me come to work by 9am, which I never did, always by 8:30 at the latest. Oh and I stay late when I can. Of course I did have jury duty that one month. Payroll hasn't been late nor wrong or unfixable (one or two minor errors) since I took the whole thing over. UGH!! I just have fear and uncertainty in me.


Martha said...

Oh boy ... you've got your hands full. Good luck with this crazy work situation ... I feel your pain. Why does it seem that sometimes all the idiots in the world are working at the same place ... and it's your place? :)


Kelley said...

I know that work politics are everywhere...but posts like this make me glad that I spend 90% of my workday with 5 year olds!

laurel said...

I hate tensions on the job. Hang in there.

nikki said...

No fun, Beverly.
I'll pray-that's all I know to do!

The Byrd Family said...

I don't miss work. Wow! This brought back memories. So hard in the "world" to show Jesus all the time to people like this.

Vivian M said...

Look on the bright side, if no one transfers calls to your office, you might get your work done faster without all the interruptions.
As for the politics, that is everywhere, so try not to get wrapped up in it or the personalities. Their problems really are not your concern.
They are lucky to have you. Not the other way around!

Donna said...

Sounds like you're on the right path in being determined to just do your job. Office politics suck.