Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh This Is Another Re-do Week

I dropped G off in tears this morning at daycare. She woke up congested and decided she didn't want to go to school. She cried and made herself sick. Sadly, when I am rushed and with a work week like this I have to be tough. Being tough makes it difficult to be sympathetic and then I just get angry. So poor baby may be sick, but I am one of THOSE moms who won't take the temp because I can't afford to take off work!! NO FLAMES PLEASE!! She didn't feel hot to touch so I felt fairly safe that it is allergy congestion only.

We have to go to my mother's retirement shindig anyway this afternoon which means picking her up from school early! I hate being unsympathetic. I hate not being able to bring her with me or not being able to stay home. I didn't have my work computer and after yesterday I didn't feel right about staying home anyway. Oh the sacrifices we make to eat!!

I hope I left her in capable hands. I told her if she really got to feeling badly then to have Ms. Teacher call me and I would come get her. I hope she perks up some. I hope despite her congestion she has a good day. I gave her medicine last night and this morning.


Anonymous said...

{{hugs}} I hope the work crap blows over! I hope Glenys feels better! I hope you feel better! I hope the a-holes you work with get remove their heads from their a$$es and mind their own damn business! (sorry, I think I'm reflecting my own emotions on your comments here) I do hope things are all good with you, though.

Vivian M said...

Hope Glenys feels better real soon and that you can both enjoy the retirement party. Hugs!