Saturday, May 10, 2008

Okay I Have The Winners

Annie, Lisa, and Vivian will receive their items soon.

Now on to bigger things, G and I went to the zoo today, surprised? I had invited several people to go but no one got back to me about going so we went alone. We had a good time. We didn't take the stroller which allowed us to ride the train car around the zoo. We hit every station except the pandas and the snakes. Then we went to lunch at Pei Wei, my fav. She ate quite a bit but was also very active. When she is tired she has to keep moving or she will fall asleep. Then she did fall asleep in the car but woke up when we got home (about a 40 min nap).

We have some new across-the-street neighbors who have a little girl two months older than G. They know each other from Wed. night choir/church. This little girl came over and invited G to come play. They played outside for 3 hours while her parents worked in the yard. I was able to mow our yard, get a bath and start laundry.

I called myself watching for them to come back home but G walked in before I knew it about 15 mins ago. She is in the tub now. The child was filthy and happy and what more can a mom ask for? This is the first time ever that she has gone to some one's (non relative) home with out me to play for any significant amount of time. And I suppose other than the grandparents not even another relative has kept her.

When she gets out of the tub she will fix her own supper of mac 'n cheese (I think I have some) and then time for bed. I hope she will go to sleep without any effort tonight because if this day didn't wear her out I don't know what will.

By the way, I need more assvice. I am not sure how long to allow her to stay at some one's house to play when she is invited like that. I went over several times and was shooed away. They were having a great time and at least one parent was out with them.

Now for me I would allow the child to stay until the parent picked them up or until we had to go somewhere or go to bed. I would even feed supper if the parents were okay with that. I don't mean to suggest that they should have fed G supper, but I am saying that I would do it if it got to be supper time. Of course my grandmother and mother never allows anyone to come over where food would not also be offered!! So if this happens again, which I suspect it will, do I give an hour, two hours or do I trust that they mean for her to stay until they walk her back home?

I am also going to have to teach G how to cross the street now. We haven't had any reason too do so by herself yet, so this will be good reason to learn!! Thankfully we don't live on a busy street.


The Byrd Family said...

I LOVE those days when they are dirty and happy! It makes for a great evening!

Kelley said...

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

I'm no good for advice on playing with I'll be looking to see what folks say. With my stepdaughter, the neighbors and I just take turns hosting...that works best for us (but then that's only alternate weekends).

Heather said...

What fun! 38 years later I am still on contact with my first two friends, sisters two doors up the street.
If I were in your situation, I would go over and exchange phone numbers so they can call you and vice versa. Ask how long until their dinner or other significant event, because you don't want to impose, and then call Glenys home a few minutes before that time.
Offer to have new friend over, ask about food allergies and pet allergies, give them time parameters or straight out ask her for dinner if she wants.
Have fun with your new little bits of freedom, and your new playmate!
Heather BT

Vivian M said...

Wow I actually won something, thanks!
Sounds like Glenys will have many more visits and vice versa. Maybe you can talk with your neighbors, invite them over for tea or coffee and let the girls play while you get to know each other?

Dawn said...

It's great that she has a friend in the neighborhood to play with. I think it depends on you and the other parents as to how long she should stay and play. If it is in the afternoon I agree that asking when their dinner time is would be a good start. Sometimes I'll ask if they have plans and need me to get my kids by a certain time. Some of the friends my kids play with they just play with until someone's parents call them home. My son has one friend whose dad always has a set time limit on how long he can play and he comes and gets him when that time is up or I go get my son when that time is up. You'll quickly get to know how the other parents are as far as playtime and they'll get to know how you are.