Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pay It Forward Gift Received

How fun!! G and I received our package from SuperMommy and her gorgeous girls. We had fun opening it!! Of course this compared to what I sent, well, let's just say, I am cheap. Sorry PIF gift receipients!! LOL! As you can see, G was thrilled with her gift and will wear it to church in the morning or on June 1 when we join the church! That is a special occasion and needs a new special dress, don't you think?


Vivian M said...

Oh stop, Kerri LOVED your Pay it Forward gift, and played with it for hours. I don't consider it cheap at all, it's a very thoughtful and entertaining gift!
Glenys is adorable, and she looks so tall in that video. Sigh, our girls are growing so fast!

Super Mommy said...

Beverly thanks so much for playing PIF! I am so glad you all liked your gifts . . . it's true it is the thought that counts. I love following your blog - and watching Miss. Glenys grow up. I hope we all can meet up some day! Oh yeah, the Texas beer bread can be made with club soda. Hope you all have fun baking it! Can't wait to see your cutie in her new dress! Super Mommy (aka Nancy)