Wednesday, May 28, 2008

These Were Much Needed

I desperately needed these tactical gloves to help plant flowers this past Saturday. Apparently the fingers are made such that you have maximum dexterity and precise finger tip feel. Which means not tearing those delicate leaves or roots of the plants. Actually it would have kept the dirt out from under my fingernails and I could have preserved my nail length. Instead I chopped them off, the nails not the fingers. Of course I would need to re-purpose them for the flower bed since they are better used in the police ranks. But who would care right?

In all seriousness, now that we have honored our military personnel, we can now remember our police men and women who daily serve and protect us no matter what war is brewing overseas. The importance of making sure our police have the equipment to do the job well without injury or death is extremely important. I should know, I lost a grandfather in the line of duty serving a routine warrant. I never got the chance to know him since he died in 1969. So if you have a friend or relative serving in the police ranks, let them know where to get tactical gloves.


Ellie Monster said...

You are so funny!! I had to read that post twice before I completely understood what was up. I did take a lookie loo at said tactical gloves and I feel confident that they would be fantastic for not only tactical operations and horticulture, but also weight lifting, dish washing, sand castle building, and unforseen surgical or birthing needs of wild animals.
They really are multifunctional.

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