Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Thing That Stops the Cleaning Progress

I hate to clean my house because I get stuck looking at pictures, reminders of a previous single childless life that although it was fun, I now am only able to enjoy in pictures. I start reminiscing about the trips taken to Greece, Spain, Holland, London and a tour through France and Italy. Those were the days. I hope one day G can also enjoy fantastic trips like that. I know I will be encouraging her to do so. Maybe we can even travel together if she doesn't think I am such a bore as a mom.

I remember one weekend a co-worker and I traveled to New York City to visit an ex-coworker who had recently moved there. We literally left on Friday night after work only to return early on Monday morning and work the same day, which for me was absolutely crazy. I need more sleep than that. It took me a week to recover. I didn't even tell anyone I was going. I just boarded the dog and left. I think we got some really good deals on tickets, and it was just the right time.

We stayed with the ex-coworker in her very tiny apartment. Her apartment was very cute and neat; had to be. My friend and I slept on an air mattress in the "living room" which melded into the "bedroom", "dressing room" and "dining room." I truly felt like I was in a different country that spoke American English. There was def. a bit of a culture shock and I sounded so much more southern than I do down here!

I was so excited to be there as I had always wanted to go but had never truly planned a trip there. The weekend was pretty wild but so much fun. We met the boyfriend of our hostess and a friend of his who happened to be a girl, which did not go over very well with our hostess. We stayed out way too late all three nights and were up way too early all three days.

One night we ate dinner at a restaurant that had the absolute best bar none spaghetti and fried zucchini. OMGosh it was so good I still dream about it. That was 4 years ago, and if I could have this again I could die happy!

In the same restaurant was Willie Nelson who was in town for the New York Marathon going on the next morning. That was pretty cool to see him. I couldn't get close to him because there was an extremely drunk woman hitting on him pretty hard. By the time I saw him anyway he was trying to leave except for the extremely drunk woman blocking his progress. He did wave at me though, we were that close and I wished him luck in the race.

The restaurant was Eileen's or Aileen's and I think it is pretty famous, but at the time I didn't know it. I can see every detail still in my mind though I did not take my camera out much. Could not tell you for the life of me where it was or how to get there.

In the same restaurant, there was a very wealthy older man who was buying drinks for some PTYs (pretty young things) who continued to imbibe until one passed out on the table. I had a really good time just observing him hitting on them until we were invited to his table to share in the overflowing juices, and our hostess accepted his offer.

Then our hostess left to flirt with someone at the bar as she was extremely mad at her boyfriend for a perceived injustice he committed by bringing that friend I mentioned earlier to dinner the night before. This left my travel friend and myself to have words with this older man. It came down to a battle of wits between the three of us. Oh and I am not sure we ever introduced ourselves. And I think my friend won. We continued to scold him about his buying drinks for the PTYs as he attempted to defend his actions, LOL.

Now I come from a city that does go to sleep at a decent hour and was in the city that never sleeps so I am not used to the hours people kept. I assure you I was totally fascinated by it but couldn't believe the fast pace of life there.

Everyone in NY is an aspiring actress/actor working as a waitress/waiter. We had several spontaneous serenades by wait staff in different restaurants. I think they were hoping to be discovered by someone in the restaurant, not necessarily singing to us. We saw movie sets and actual filming going on, but I don't know what was being filmed. Being there was an incredible experience even though it was such a short trip.

A weekend is really not the best length of time to visit since there are so many things to do in New York City. We did get to go to the museum and participated in a scavenger hunt that literally took us all the way through all of the exhibits. That was very cool.

We saw the Empire State bldg from afar. We took a walking tour through Greenwich Village and other places I can't now identify. It was such a whirlwind trip. I am not sure but I don't think I have walked so far in so few days as that trip. It was so much fun but next time I want to stay longer and not have to return to work so soon!! A girl needs a day to recoup.

We probably should have signed up for some sightseeing tours, since our hostess had literally been there all of two months. She didn't totally know her way around but she did really well getting us to the important places like Starbucks, Ground Zero, Rockefeller Center, the "Mad About You" apartment bldg, the deli from "When Harry Met Sally" (famous org. scene), and the Gap, heh. We ended up at the end of the marathon Sunday night, and was able to talk to some of the participants, one of which was a female in a wheelchair. So many memories of a very fun time.

Maybe the next trip will be Boston. I am trying to convince my very BFF to go on a girls weekend to celebrate our 40th. That will be in 2 years. Don't you think Boston would be a good choice for two 40 year old mom's. Maybe we can make it a mother/daughter weekend for us and our girls. Def something to look forward to and plan because the fun is in the planning.

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Sounds like you really enjoyed your single life!