Thursday, May 01, 2008

Things That Are Said

When I was pre-teen and teen we had a long running joke in our home about daddy or one of us writing a book on the stupid things mom said. My poor mom sometimes just said things that left all of us totally baffled and confused. We would just look at each other and laugh. Then after several minutes my poor mom would be clued in on the joke that she started.

Anyway, the other night I was at their home picking up G and saw a pic of the bday picnic. As I was looking at it I said something to mom about adding another picture to the printout. Mom had been testing her new photo printer with this pic. Of course, I assumed that she printed the pic she wanted to print, but she said, "And G isn't even in that one." That lead me to believe that until she printed it and studied it she didn't know G wasn't in it.

So I responded with (totally snark by the way), "Yeah mom they all look alike don't they." To which she replied (seriously), "Yeah they do."

Okay so I provoked her unfairly and made her say it, but sometimes my mom just says somethings that make my eyeballs roll so far in the back of my head I can see out the other side. Talking with my mom about G and her Chinese sisters too often might makes me go blind.


Vivian M said...

Speaking of which, my sister swears Kerri looks like us.

Susan said...


We want to write a book about the stupid things my mother says, too. But in her case they're innocent mixups of words, sometimes just getting the letters switched or sometimes using the wrong words entirely. For example, she once told me she had bought the DVD of "Pigeon Walk." Anybody? That was "March of the Penguins." And my all-time favorite was when she and Dad went to a hockey game and a player got knocked unconcious. She was telling my sister about how paramedics actually came out onto the ice to check him and everyone was very concerned. She said, "For a minute, I thought they were going to have to give him artificial insemination." Even typing that one cracks me up again.

mommy24treasures said...

moms are funny somtimes. My mom was here today talking to Ryan about American Idol. She is hilarious the way she talks about each contestant and who should go home etc... She is just not "into" music or anytthing... so its just so wierd that she even watches the show!

Anonymous said...

Boy, that one leaves you wondering what on earth you can possibly say in reply...