Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well we reciprocated with our across the street neighbors. After church and nap, I got the jumper out and invited little friend and her sister (because with one you get the other) to jump. G was driving me crazy to have N. over and apparently N. was doing the same. After being here an hour I gave them Popsicles and cool-aid.

Then the older sister, EC, wanted to go bring her bicycle over to ride in my yard. My thought was "why? why can't you just jump or go home?" I told her she could ride in her own drive way or stay and jump.

Then little sister, N., wanted to go inside and play, but once in decided she was afraid of the cat. I had previously asked the mom in case of bathroom needs, and she assured me neither girl was afraid of cats or dogs. Well, apparently N. is afraid of every cat except her grandmother's cat.

Then big sister had a friend's mom and friend bring back something that was left after a sleep over, and that friend decided she wanted to jump so I had to invite her. So I had two big kids and two little kids. G fell on her face on the driveway and fell apart. Of course at that time one of the big girls accidentally knocked G down. Now she wasn't hurt physically but her feelings were. She is absolutely not used to having that many girls over to play. How do you invite one girl without the other?

Then the neighbor's grandparents came over to for dinner (not my house but theirs) so G and I decided to go to my parents for a breakfast dinner. Love breakfast for dinner!! We got home and in bed at 10pm only to have to start the whole week over again today!!

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Vivian M said...

Wow sounds like you had a playground going! Hope you have a great week!