Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You Want To Know How We Celebrated?

We went to the grocery store and 2 hours and $323 later, we came home. I haven't been grocery shopping except here and there since Dec or Feb when I received a bonus or tax refund. So we were well over due. I even saved $50 with the kroger card and one try it free refund. I don't do coupons because when I need something I usually don't have the coupon with me.

I used to do the household coupons when I was in teens etc for my family. That job has now become my dad's. I also used to go with my mom, who only went once every two weeks. Large family lived 20 mins away from the grocery store. Now my dad has taken on the grocery/coupon role at home.

I told G that she could either have a balloon or a toy. I of course was thinking no more than $5. Apparently, there are more expensive toys than that there. So she picked out a V-tech writing toy, more than I wanted to spend for finding day. But she played with it walking out to the car and this morning even. She loved it. Then we came home and ate hot dogs and white cheddar cheetos!! Love them.

I posted some random pics of G from the weekend. She is going to be a super ball player. She can really drop kick a ball well!! She also only likes to swing on this tree swing like this or in someone else's (grandad's) lap.


Vivian M said...

Isn't it amazing what it costs nowadays to go grocery shopping?

AZMom said...

How fun! Love the pics.

I do coupons religiously..LOL I also shop weekly but then again, there are 4 of us. ;-)

Great job my friend!

marilyn said...

I like the concept of celebrating finding day. I'm going to go look up those dates for my kids now....I can't seem to remember anything these days:)