Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Contest

current and too long. 30 something year old women really shouldn't wear hair like this.
Only slightly better but really. Always worn long.
Frizzy out of the hat.

and last, short tired hair.

Not sure why this person is offering $140 for this hair contest but I am in desparate need for the fixin'. And this person will tell me the style I need. So I am entering the "Let the Moosh Whoorl Your Hair" contest and wanted to let you know if you have a blog you too can enter it. Look at me getting all contest happy.

So these pics have recently been posted as Retro Friday but I am also using the for the bad hair experiences in my past.


Kiayaphd said...

I love the glamour shot!! And who says seasoned women should not wear long hair??!! That's crap!

Ellie Monster said...

A. You don't look old enough to feel too old for long hair. I'm a big fan of the piggy tails. They are cool in the summer, out of the way on windy days, look adorable under winter hats, and you and Glenys can match. I can, however, understand wanting a hair update. But, you can keep it long and update it at the same time. Good luck with the contest!!!!! What a fun idea.

AZMom said...

Hmmm...have to see if I can find some old pictures and enter. I desperately need a new do!

Lauri said...

You have such thick beautiful hair.. I am guessing whoorl will suggest layers, texturizing and perhaps some bangs. Good luck

Melissa said...

I used to have hair like 3 of these 4 photos. I'm in desperate need of a do-over.