Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Conversations With G and Other Ramblings

Took my hour lunch to get my oil changed at a jiffy lube near by, yea, an hour and half later I was leaving. Ugh. Never looks good for a relatively new employee to do that. Anyway, onto the conversations with G portion of the post.

First you need to know that we take water to bed with us every night in case during the night we are thirsty. G still wears and fully fills a pull up every night after asking permission to "t.t. in my pull up" when she is awake. So last night, she was actually drinking her water, sometimes it just sits by the bed in case. I am not sure if she was drinking it to stay awake, highly likely, or if she was "weally thuhsty."

Well, she got choked at one point. I said, "Are you okay? What happened?" She said, "Well, Mama, you see, I din't hold da watur in my mouf for a widdle bit. I, well, just drinked it and it din't stay in my mouf wike I do. Den it swallowed down da wrong pwace."

It really took all I had to not laugh at her with this very detail description because she even told me this with her hands in full motion. She must have a bit of Italian in her, huhn?

Oh and bad news, I found a B & N around the corner from work and it has a coffee shop in it!! Danger Will Robinson!! All of my extra money now will go to books and coffee! Picked up A Happy Family today, the other day bought Just Like Me (I think is the name) and Infidel. Then went back and picked up a recommended book by one of the check out people, Nickle and Dimed in America. Very good by the way.

I am half way through the last book and 1/4 way through Infidel. Can't wait to read the other two. I have to do my reading the old fashioned way, in the bathroom. Sometimes I am still interrupted asking if I am "pooping, mama?" I usually say yes no matter what the real answer because I want the reading time, LOL! I hope I am not the only one to do that. I probably should invest in books on tape or an Ipod reader but I listen to talk radio too on the commute.


Don & Denise Sullivan said...

One time I went home during my lunch break to take a quick "power nap". 2 hours later, my boss was calling me. DOH! At least you had a better excuse. haha.

B&N's are dangerous for me too. I found 2 Grace Lin books there.."Round is a Mooncake" and "Dim Sum for Everyone". Will have to check out the ones you listed too.

AZMom said...

I've done the 2 hour trip to Jiffy Lube too. Fortunately the one I go to now is quick (watch, I just jinxed myself!)

Too cute Glenys!!

The only time I read is at work or hours after the kids go to bed!

Vivian M said...

We love bookstores, and have reading time, when we both sit and read (together or separately). Kerri has a large collection of books, but sticks to her favorites.
I don't think you are the only one to hide in the bathroom!