Monday, June 23, 2008

Direct copy of response for banning singles

For the unbelievers of the reason that CCAA stopped single adoption see the italics bold section which is the direct response from the CCAA. The timing of the back log might have been the catalyst but singles were banned due to having no ability to monitor homosexual adoptions and US agencies not helping. Am I mad, no but very sad. China is a sovereign nation to allow its orphans to be adopted by whomever and for whatever reasons it wishes. Do I agree no, not necessarily. But I am a rule follower and appreciate others to do the same. That is all I am saying.

"Dear FCC Members:
The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs has responded to the open letter sent from the FCC Chapters of Greater New York, New England,Northern California and Southern California and subsequently co-signed by several other FCC chapters representing over one thousand additional FCC members.We are extremely pleased to have received any response at all. When we wrote the letter, we hoped to receive an official response but did not necessarily expect to areceive one. Frequently a Chinese government agency would not issue such a response except to similar-level government agency. The fact that the government felt our letter warranted a response at all appears to be an indication of the respect and gratitude the CCAA holds for our community.

Shanti Fry FCC New EnglandMargie Berman FCC Greater New York Peggy Scott FCC Northern CaliforniaJeri Okamoto FloydFCC Southern CaliforniaFIRST TRANSLATION OF LETTER

Dear Shanti Fry,
Your letter was forwarded to us. First, I would like to thank you for giving your attention to China's international adoption affairs.We are grateful for the assistance and support you have given to the adoption families and adopted children. It's the universal truth that parents are the fundamental unit of a society. They play a vital role in a child's growth and character development. According to "Hague Convention", in order for children to develop their character to their full potential, they should be raised in a family environment that nurtures of happiness, love and with an emphasis on mutual respect for one another. International adoption aims to help those orphans who have lost their parents or family to establish a family that could ensure they have all the rights they are entitled to. Therefore, China Center of Adoption Affairs has been abiding by the principle of "ensuring children's best benefits" in international adoption since the beginning. The mission of our center is "all for the children". Through endless efforts and generations and generations of devotion can we assist ten thousands of orphans to find homes that could provide them with an environment that is contusive [sic] to establishing emotional stability within the family unit. During the past 10 years, China Center of Adoption Affairs has received the consent, support and collaboration of American government, adoption associations, and large number of adoption families.

China Center of Adoption Affairs has gained a reputation of having comprehensive policies, structured regulations, and transparency in the adoption process. It has attracted large amount of international adoption applicants, which resulted the increase of number of applications to China Center of Adoption Affairs. At the same time,as the Chinese society progressed and people become more aware of the issue, plus the rising of domestic adoption, the number of children for international adoption has decreased, which can no longer meet the demand of international adoption. Under the circumstance, in order to ensure adopted children's best interest,we also have to select the most suitable adoption family for these children in all areas. This was realized by the "Hague Convention"principle.

Your letter has mentioned the issue of single parent adopting children in China. We would like to express our respect and understanding toward their personal choices. Meanwhile, we believe 1) it is difficult to exclude homosexual single parent to apply for adoption. The law of Chinese government doesn't empower the rights of homosexuals. In addition, due to Chinese traditional culture, it makes most Chinese families harder to accept this social phenomenon. Because of the culture differences, social welfare organizations who act as orphans' guardians are not willing to send children to homosexual families.

2) Due to the absence of mother or father in a single parent family, it can not function completely; it is not beneficial to children's psychological development. Countries around the world have recognized this issue as well. 3) If any accident were to happen to the parent of a single parent family, it is likely that the adopted children would loose the family again.Besides, the main purpose of adoption is to find a family for those children and not to find a child for the family. Thus, under the circumstances that international adoption can no longer satisfy the demand, we should consider married couple as priority to ensure our adopted children's mind and spirit can be developed in a proper family oriented environment.Of course, we must consider adopted families' devotion and the desire of having a child as we sincerely provide most sufficient and quality service. Offering priority adoption process is one of the means to make sure the benefit of adopting families. As of now, the wait for international adoption applicants has been postponed to 17-18 months. It's expected that the waiting period would be longer,which is not what everyone hope to see. Other foreign adoption organization suggested that we should categorize adoption families according to their different situations. As responsible as we are to adopted families and organizations, we have taken the advice.Adoption families that have as better qualifications will be placed under priority adoption process,Effective May 1, 2007. By doing so, it shortens the waiting period and eases the anxiety. For adoption organizations, they could make adjustments according to the actual situation and make further arrangement on the amount of international adoption applications.Therefore, to select most qualified adoption families is our job.We all needs to be more versatile and make adjustments when we perform any types of work based on its demand and current situation.It's the same for international adoption process. In order to accommodate the large number of applicants with limited number of available orphans, applying priority adoption process is a practical solution China Center of Adoption Affairs had adopted from international adoption. The policy of China's international adoption does not change. As the work progresses and the actual situation changes, it is possible there might be other adjustments on priority adoption process.Hopefully you have a clear understanding of how China Center of Adoption Affairs applies the priority adoption process. Other American families who are preparing for adoption in China can know about this matter through your organization. Should you have any question for China Center of Adoption Affairs and international adoption, please contact us. Let's work together to maintain the order of international adoption and the relationship we have built so earnestly between China and America. Together we protect the interests of adopted child and the adopted families.

Thank you again for your understanding and support for international adoption."


Shaun said...

In all fairness, it said ONE of the reasons was gays adopting. It also said that they prefer traditional families with a mother and a father b/c the family could not function properly with the abscence of one.

Kim said...

Hmm...I guess they can just kiss my single rear end then!

#2 ticked me off. In a single household there isn't any conflict over discipline or money. Besides, half the married people out there will be divorced soon enough.