Thursday, June 05, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER ON: Fibromyalgia, Abortion and other controversial issues

I am an occasional viewer of this blog and am used to signing in when I need a glimpse of G's smile to brighten up my day. Imagine my dismay and confusion as I read through responses and comments about Dr Ney's research. I felt like I had just walked into the scene of a lynch mob or I had tuned into one of those documentaries about the early civil right's movement. My God, people, it's not THAT serious!!!! It's one person's opinion! And some of you have visited this blog often enough to know that controversial issues are occasionally thrown in, merely as a starting point for discussion. THAT'S IT!!

I am a psychologist by inclination, training, and practice. As I read through Beverly's summary of this research (I didn't take the time to listen to the telecast; I was supposed to be at work. . . working!!). Anyway, my initial and ongoing response was this: hmm, that's interesting! As I continued to read, not agreeing with everything that was mentioned mind you, my conclusion was that there were valid points made. Some things I decided that I would keep and other things, I would allow to fall by the wayside. For example, I have an understanding about the impact that the brain has on physical, biological functioning. I worked with a woman years ago, who had an affair while her husband was deployed in military. Her guilt over this encounter was sooooooooooo severe that her mind convinced her body that she was pregnant. She stopped her monthly menstruation, began to gain weight, stomach expanded, as well as other physical characteristics of a woman with child. She believed for 6 months that she was pregnant; she believed (subconsciously) that she deserved to be punished for her actions. Her body behaved as if she were pregnant. . . but there was no fetus. My training, knowledge and experiences have taught me that trauma, and the impact of said trauma is defined solely by the person who is traumatized, (because of course we know that everyone who cheats on their spouse does not experience guilt the way my patient did); if a person experiences/perceives a trauma and is unable or unwilling to confront her/his experience directly, oftentimes that experience is manifest in the body. So, the part her summary that made me go "hmmm that's interesting", was Dr Ney's assertion that abortion, especially if that abortion was experienced/perceived as trauma, may be a link, MAY BE a link to fibromyalgia.

But that's just my point of view, based on MY life experiences and training. I've worked with a few people who've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For years, many of them had traveled from doctor to doctor, trying to get answers to their chronic pain, and unfortunately, some of our medical professionals are not the kindest people in the world; they would tend to brush aside their concerns and refer them to professionals like me. So, I understand that this can be an emotional topic for some people. However, the views expressed in this blog will not change the world, will not impact legal authority, and will not likely change the way doctors view these conditions, THEY WERE JUST HER OPINIONS! You know what they say about Opinions? They're just like a#*holes, everybody's got one!!


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Yoli said...

What are you talking about? For me Fibromyalgia is a mental condition. An annoying one we have to deal with in the ER on several occassions.

I guess I have been out of the loop. You posted about abortion and Fibromyalgia? LOL. You wanted to be lynched by the mob?