Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fibromyalgia and Abortion, Possible Link

Father Frank Pavone interviewed Dr. Phillip Ney, a child psychiatrist from Canada, and founder of the International Institute on Pregnancy Loss and Child Abuse Research and Recovery, about his research and his thoughts regarding the link between fibromyalgia and abortion. Basically what Dr. Ney said is that when there is trauma or stress there are endorphins and hormones that are released and travel to the brain which creates a memory of the event.

In the case of an abortion the memory that is created is a non-experienced memory by the mother or an endgram (not sure if this is the right word) memory from the hormones released as the child is torn apart in the womb, which would explain the feelings of pain in areas as the shoulder and hip (where the child is torn apart) in cases of fibromyalgia. Basically the child would have had this memory except for it being dead, so in its place the mother keeps the memory through the hormones released.

With fibromyalgia there is no definite sign of arthritis or actual pain other than the woman experiencing the pain which is real. Physically it is difficult to detect and diagnose because there doesn't seem to be anything showing up on e-rays, MRIs and the like. But if at the point of destruction the hormones from the baby are sent to the brain of the mother creating a memory then it would make sense that the body would register and remember the pain in exactly the same places that the baby felt it in the womb. You can listen here to what I heard on the radio. This link should get it.
May 31-June 1, 2008: Abortion is Not Medicine. In the second of a five-part series Rev. Pavone talks with Psychiatrist Dr. Philip Ney about the lack of medical benefit found in abortion and the harmful secrets it creates.

So like an HPV diagnosis in someone would almost guarantee that others would know the person's potential morals or lack there of, and HIV almost always denotes a gay man, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia could potentially indicate a woman who has aborted a child. Just a thought.

Also, Dr. Ney refers to abortion as a pseudo-secret in a family because usually the surviving children in a family have a sense of impending doom and of survivor's guilt. So those children are not surprised to learn that mother had an abortion. As a matter of fact they are usually relieved to have what they have "known" in a way confirmed.

Dr. Ney has done extensive research in post abortive women and families. If abortion has to be legal then at least we should be giving women all of the information needed to make a rational decision, right? I think so.


Diana said...

Haven't been over here in a while, and this is what I find. So deep and heavy in a way. It's probably not related, but I often wonder about how our daughters' pasts will affect them in the future, especially being abandoned. I don't talk to Ava about that part of her story yet. Will they have significant health or emotional problems stemming from their trauma?

Heather said...

... This doesn't even pass the smell test.

Natalie said...

I have had FM for 14 years and have never had an abortion. Neither have any of the people I know that have it. I do however want to point out that there is a definite sign of experiencing pain - there is an excess of substance P in the spinal fluid.
I surely hope FM doesn't somehow come to be associated with abortion, as I am completely against abortion and they really have nothing at all to do with each other except maybe the trauma to the mother could have weakened her in some way immunologically or otherwise. Major stressors can be a pre-cursor to FM, with other aspects involved. It certainly would be heinous if this indication of fibromyalgia from abortions ever came to pass.

Alex said...

I find this absolutely mind-boggling. Not only does this not account for men getting fibromyalgia, nor for women who've never had an abortion, it doesn't seem to account for any of the studies involving an excess of phosphates in the body, a requirement of pain *all over the body* (18 'tender points' is the assessment), the successes of various treatments...

Or anything else resembling actual science.

Discrimination and stigmatism is completely unnecessary, whether the topic back reproductive choice, sexual orientation, or a helpless succumbing to chronic disease.

Vivian M said...

I think this is one of those posts where we will hopefully and respectfully agree to disagree.
I do not for one moment believe that Fibromyalgia is caused by abortion. Keep in mind that this claim is being made by a psychologist, and there are many medical specialists out there that do not agree. As well as many patients who have not had abortions and have the disease.
Secondly, I also do not think that HIV denotes a gay man, nor is it solely a gay man's disease. Just look at Africa and the medical journals. The majority of HIV carriers are not gay men.
People used to claim that lung cancer is a smoker's disease, and that's been proven wrong too.
My points have nothing to do with your stance on religion, morality, homosexuality, etc. I just think you need to be careful when you associate a disease with one specific thing (like HIV almost always denotes a gay man, which is not correct; or Fibromyalgia is caused by abortion - based one one person's opinion, be it professional, correct or not).

Bill Hartwell said...

Does this bigotry take work, or is it a matter of simply opening up and letting it spill out? In one blog post, you have managed to completely ignore medical science on fibromyalgia, HPV, and HIV, in favor of spewing forth bigotry and pseudo-scientific filth.

The filth spewed in this blog, not just on fibromyalgia, but also on HPV and HIV, is on a par with the claim that Jews eat Christian/Muslim babies for Passover.

Heather said...

Please don't help spread these kinds of ideas. There are a lot of us with fibromyalgia who are trying to get help with our illness. It is a very frustrating thing to live with. I'm 28 years old and I can't live as carefree as others my age -- it's always struggling to maintain a balance in my life for the sake of my health. We need the right information to be out there so that we can get help.

It saddens me that those of us who have a disease that robs us of our energy have to battle these obvious inaccuracies.

Information like this isn't doing anyone any favors. Those of us who are suffering with the illness are fighting hard enough... just to deal with what we're experiencing.

KJ said...

I have never been pregnant, let alone had an abortion, & I have fibromyalgia. I have had symptoms since I was 6. Conversely, as I work in medicine I know lots of people who have had abortions & clearly do not have fibromyalgia. So this seems to be a very specious link. Fibromyalgia appears to run in families & be passed down to children, so abortion is clearly not a factor there. It is triggered by physical trauma when we are children or a neurochemical cascade. I was an abused child, so that explains why my FMS manifested so early.

Anonymous said...
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Donna said...

Wow. I am totally disappointed to read this kind of bigoted, judgmental drivel here. I knew you were more conservative than I am, but I didn’t realize you were one of “those” people. How very, very sad.