Monday, June 23, 2008

G's Imagination

G has a wild imagination. She told me the other evening that Kavin stuck his finger in her ear which made the swimmer's ear stuff burn when I used it on her. I told her to stop digging in her ear or she would make it soar when I had to put the alcohol/water mix in after bath. She said she didn't put her finger in her ear. I asked her who did and she said, "Kavin." I said, "Kavin at school?" She said, "Yep."

So I tried to reason with her, nope not happening, then I said, "So you are telling me you stood there and let Kavin stick his finger down your ear?" She said, "Well, he sticked it to my belly, yike dis" (indicating that he stuck his finger all the way down her ear to her belly).

Now it was a bit comical but she also was not backing down on the whole Kavin sticking his finger in her ear. I told her that Kavin's fingers aren't long enough and that she shouldn't stand there and let someone poke her in her ear. Needless to say she missed the whole point of not sticking her finger in her ear with that exercise in imagination.


AZMom said...

LOL I love the stuff she comes up with.

Okay, I am a dork and deleted your post with your email addy in it. I still can register for that pay per blog thing. It just keeps coming back to the homepage.

Vivian M said...

Ouch not good to put things in your ears! Glenys is very cute.