Monday, June 02, 2008

Google Server Error

I am having trouble posting comments and viewing blogs even on the laptop that has a cell phone internet hook up thingy (like my technical speak?).  So I am posting here to say several of your blogs are not getting my witty comments because Google is being a pest and I am too brainstrained to wait and figure it out.  Lauri at , Liv is adorable and love the pics of your weekend.  Also, Steffi B. at, I love the Princess pagoda palace. 


And may we have a moment of silence for Bo Diddly.  He passed away today at the age of 79. -------------------------------


Moment over. 


Now I have a very important blog piece to write but Google is being difficult so it must wait.  It is a bit controversial but I will provide links for you faithful readers to see for yourselves or rather think for yourselves.  I am all about opening minds as long as you judge rightly and not all pc.  Because really why tolerate pc when some things are just stupid?


And yea I hope this e-mail reaches the blog in tact.


laurel said...

I had trouble with Google today too. I thought it was just me. Sounds like it was more wide spread.

Ellie Monster said...

It reached the blog, but it did NOT properly alert my bloglines. I got the red exclamation point. I love reading the not-so-pc-stuff.

AZMom said...

Got you loud and clear. A bunch of the search engines are updating their search capabilities and the way the categorize websites so everything is messed up. I rely on these search engines for my job and it is driving me NUTS!

The Byrd Family said...

Bev, have you heard anything else about Makset? Please know we are praying for him and his family here at the Byrd's Nest.

Lauri said...

Thanks... what's up with google

Vivian M said...

I had the same problems and could not post comments too.
See? It was not your laptop techno thingy gadget!