Friday, June 27, 2008

If I Won $10,000 For a Make Over

What would I change? I am entering a Makeover contest so let me tell you what I would possibly change if given the opportunity. This is my entery copied from the site with the most recent pic taken of me.

Well, first lets talk genetics. Although I inherited youthful looking genes from my mom; I inherited acne prone skin from my dad. I received his wonderfully deep set blue eyes, but my mother's droopy lids. I inherited my dad's mother's looks, and no offense to my grandmother (God rest her soul) but she was not attractive as she aged, and I look like her. I have a very small forehead that makes my deep set eyes look much deeper than they are.

Now let's talk a bit of history and outside influences. In 1990 I went through a windshield that almost caused the loss of my eyelid, so I have scarring that although it is not as visible (I wear glasses to hide it) I am missing part of my eyebrow, and I have funky eyelashes due to the wreck. I also have scarring on my forehead from the windshield. Let me say it wasn't pleasant then, and for a few years I battled depression over the altered looks.

So I would have the same droopy eye lid surgery my aunt had on her eyelids before I get to a point where I can't see. It will get that bad eventually. I would have my acne prone skin treated to permanently remove all causes of the acne and the scarring treated. I would finish the reconstructive work on my eye to make it not even noticeable to me. I would do something about the deep set eyes and small forehead if I could.

I wouldn't want to change the essence of what I look like, but I would like to fix things before they get too bad. Right now I either look like I am scowling or overly concentrating, or I look sleepy all the time (which that is not too far from the truth).

I would just change the practical things about me that will cause problems as I get older. I can already feel the heaviness of my eyelids so I am not going to be too far behind my aunt with surgery. I mean I would like to continue to see without having to hold my head so far up that it affects my neck. It feels like I am always looking up and out from under my eyelids even when looking straight.

If you would like to enter the contest, go here. You must be 35 or older and female.


Kiayaphd said...

Are they willing to remove about 20 lbs from my fat A#@$#?

Vivian M said...

Crossing my fingers for you, hope you win!