Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Response to Some Comments

Homosexuality was classified as deviant and listed in mental disorders in the DSM within the last 30 years? So it is only a matter of time for the other deviant sexual behaviors to change.

The only reason it was changed because of wealthy homosexuals lobbying the psychiatric association to change it. NAMBLA is trying to change laws all over the place to change the age of sexual consent with children. Just because homosexuality has been made palatable in our generation does not mean that it is not a deviant behavior. Even if it is genetic like, oh say alcoholism, a person can struggle with it but can change. It is a behavior defining a group of people.

If women would stop giving the milk away without the purchase of the cow more men may decide to remain faithfully married and might get married. Not that it isn't a woman's fault that a man cheats but women don't necessarily help the situation in the sex saturated society.

So why would you think these other behaviors are deviant if there is "no one" hurt physically? It is just sex and there is love between the people (2 or more, men women and possibly children)? When you change the definition it must apply to these others too because you have no grounds for not applying it.

And China quit allowing singles to adopt because homosexual couples lied and the agencies didn't police it. Oh yes they lied. There was a statement of heterosexuality that had to be signed and notarized to adopt. I know I signed it. China said if the agencies won't police themselves we will. So single adoptive parents are no longer allowed to adopt, even celibate singles.

Oh and I will remind everyone again that the blood donation questionnaire forever bans men who have had sex with men along with drug users and those who have shared needles. Tattoos have a 6 month to a year ban and certain countries have a year ban. But forever? The medical community must know something.


kris said...

My definition was taken from a medical book... wasn't my words. I am not a live and let live person. I don't believe things are "right" just because they don't hurt someone else. But I am not the person to judge someone loving another person and sharing intimacy with that person, same sex or otherwise. Truthfully, I have mixed feelings on marriage between same sex couples, but I am absolutely positive they deserve equal rights. My feelings shouldn't dictate that truth.

kris said...

And just an FYI, singles were excluded due to the backlog- along with a whole other host of people- the obese, depressed, and "too old".

I'm still trying to figure out how you can view "love"/marriage between 2 people as deviant.

I'm a bit shocked you would compare being gay to having a disease, like alcoholism. Baffled to the point of kind of being speechless. But even more shocked by your statements about marriage and men "driven" to cheat. Have you been married? I just wonder if there is some personal experience you are speaking from or just something you believe through observation.

You certainly have a right to your opinion, absolutely. But I hope you can continue to let us respectfully disagree.

Shaun said...

Bev- People lying about their sexuality "may" have attributed to China shuttin down for singles, but also remember the china goverment has very strong beliefs in traditional families. Their culture and many others believe that children fare better in a home with a mother and a father. So it really isn't lesbians fault that this rule is in place. With the surge in Ethiopia adoptions, they are thinking of implementing the same rule. Did you also know that a major argument against homosexuality is that most gays grew up in homes were there was one parent? The argument is the lack of affection from the missing caused the boys to seek the affection of other men and for girls the argument is they were never taught to love a man and therefore seek out women for familiar affection. So maybe China has heard that familiar argument and think single homes will promote homosexuality in their children. How ridiculous is that!

Don & Denise Sullivan said...

This was a very interesting and brave post. I want to share a story. We are friends with a couple (man and woman) who have a 4 yr old son. The woman was bisexual and the man was homosexual. They fully engaged in every sexual aspect of that lifestyle and supported it wholeheartedly for many years. This was several years ago and they have since come to a realization that the lifestyle they were living was destructive to them both physically and emotionally. As a result, the husband is HIV positive and yet he continually tells people that he is amazed he is not already dead due to the aggressiveness of his sexual behavior. They both will testify how things in their childhood encouraged and convinced them that they were not heterosexuals (porn was a major factor) and that most bisexuals and homosexuals believe a lie that this is the only path for them. They talk of their struggles as they came to realizations that this was not a lifestyle they believed people were meant to engage in and how they chose to stop having sex with someone of the same sex. Today, their marriage is strong, they have desire for each other and a wonderful child. They are also very active in the fight against HIV/AIDS (in fact, we just attended a benefit concert they helped organize).

This is not me talking...this is THEIR story. They lived it, they know it and the people who participate in it. They've walked in their shoes and they will be the first to tell people it's destructive emotionally and physically regardless of how much a couple may love each other. They will also say that it was loving, caring people and caring Christ followers who did not beat them over the head but let them find their own path.

There is an interesting book that I think you would like called "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth" by Dr. Jeffery Satinover. He has practiced psychoanalysis and psychiatry for over 19 years. The book is extremely detailed medically speaking and factual concerning homosexuality. You can find it on Amazon.