Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lesson Learned

Never, never order fast food before you are sure to have the cash to pay. G and I had to run out and buy her a swimsuit, towel, shoes and t-shirt (read bribe) because she starts swimming lessons today 2 weeks early. So due to the lateness of the hour I decided to take her out for dinner. We hit the Wendy's chain in our town and I ordered. I thought I had $20 on me. Well, I didn't and I was about 4 bucks short of the meal. No our meal wasn't $20 but that would have covered it and left coffee money for me for today.

Anywho, the manager, was so nice and gave me my food anyway and told me to come back to pay. Wasn't that nice. I was mortified that I would do something like that. How did I miscalculate the cash flow?!?!? She was so nice and I would like to write a positive comment about her but am afraid I would get her in trouble because I don't know if a manager can do that on trust.

In my defense I was a bit harried yesterday, rough work day, headache all day, trying to get home and get things done before today. G doesn't want to go to swim lessons that are paid for by my mom, "I alweady know how to swim," she says. So I bought her (from slim pickings I must say) two bathing suits, a t-shirt, new sandals, and a princess hooded towel all as a bribe. And I told her if she went all week without tears then I would take her to buy a toy to which she replied, "NO!" with arms crossed. Oh yea, that is my head strong girl. She is determined not to enjoy swim lessons and really has no idea what swim lessons are. All this on top of not sleeping well made me do the whole money miscalc.


Vivian M said...

That was so nice of the manager! You don't hear things like that any more, it's nice that there are still some good people out there in the service industry.

AZMom said...

Oh gosh! That ranks right up there with the time we went to dinner and I did not bring my purse and hubby did not bring his wallet!! He drove back home (thankfully we were only 10 minutes away) and the mgr was nice enough to buy us desert while we waited for him to come back!