Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Comment in Response to This Article

And I thought it was so important a comment I posted it twice, heh! You know that was totally by accident!!

"I use "gotcha" and "family" both but that day is totally different than the day my daughter was adopted. That happened the next day. I celebrate every step of it with her. There may come a time when she will realize the loss and pain of all the days, referral anniversary, gotcha/family day, adoption day, coming home day but now I put as much fun into all of them that I can so she will have happy memories of it all. She can change whatever she wants to call it when she is old enough and I will follow her footsteps. There are some adoptees like the commenter's 14 year old who understands it in a totally different light. Could be the age the child was adopted makes the difference and the loss put into more perspective. I mean living in an orphanage without a permanent family for 14 years to get a family probably outweighs the part of loss experienced. I am not discounting adult adoptees by any means but I do think that for the most part adoptive parents have gained awareness enough and if the family/child wishes to keep the gotcha let them live in peace. Let's rename animal adoption instead!!"

Now, I personally don't care what you want to call your special day when ever it was that you met/held your child. It really doesn't matter to me. But it will matter to your child at some point so I recommend following your child's lead with this day when/if your child is old enough to understand.


Sharon said...

I completely agree with you even if I haven't read it yet!! You have left some very amazing commments for me through this whole thing. you are amazing!!!! I LOVE you!!

Tasha said...


I have a hard time with words in this adoption journey.