Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh Goodie

I am so glad you guys responded to the last post. First off I want to make sure you heard the clip. Second that you understand even Dr. Ney doesn't say categorically that there is a link. Third that neither did I say it. Fourth that research needs to be done but that if stress does cause FM then it is still possible that women who have had abortions are susceptible to yet one more possible illness. And fifth that people for whom Christ had died, should never be discriminated against PERIOD!!

Next what the women with whom Dr. Ney is working may be experiencing could be a form or result or outworking of PSTD or some psychosomatic illness that was wrongly diagnosed as FM. There are many possibilities of what these women he sees could be experiencing. His main work is with post abortion recovery in women and children or with their children. I think he does a necessary work with women. I couldn't find a specific contact info to him but if you wish to contact Priests for Life then please do so. I did give the link for that.

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