Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Okay Everyone Breathe

Read further on the posts you will see that I didn't indicate that anyone with fibromyalgia had an abortion. What was said is a summary of what Dr. Ney sees in his patients. He did not say there is a sole link between the two either but that there could be a link (not a sole cause).

I love the comments but there have been a few I would have liked to personally respond back too but I had no way to do so. Some of you commented on personal affliction and I would like to discuss further with you. I assure you all that I am open to all points of a conversation except name calling. If that is your comment you may keep it to yourself. Other comments please leave a link for me to personally e-mail you. I think you will understand my post better and I can appreciate your situation better.

Now on to better things like I am so glad Hillary is out of the race. This means she will never be able to run for president because once failed they do not renominate. YEEHAW!! Of course had she gotten back into the white house she might have had a chance to return the silverware she walked away with the first time. Does anyone else remember that?

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Ellie Monster said...

You don't think you would have snagged a fork or two?? :)