Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Okay-Renter Updates

Besides not taking the rental agreement with me for the next year to the renter's, everything seems to be going great. Apparently they are planning on staying another year since they put $1200 worth of landscaping in the yard. It does look fantastic. In return for the landscaping the guy asked if I could take care of the air conditioner and fix some boards on the deck. Fair enough as that is my responsibility anyway.

Of course when they moved in they told me that the girl's step-dad was an air conditioner man and would do whatever is necessary to the air conditioner. Whatever. So to the nice tune of $335 later, I had the air conditioner tuned up and the very expensive-sorry-we-don't-make-this-model-anymore filter changed.

And the guy said he could do the changing of the deck boards as they needed replacements but again, whatever. I will be scheduling my dad to spend a Saturday working on it and I will pay him gas/fair days wage for it. I can't do it and am so grateful my dad can. If he will do it for me that is.

And the landscaping? Well, since the girl living there didn't know anything about irises that a neighbor had given her and thought they were dead, I have not a lot of hope for the $1200 worth of plants etc that they put into the yard. Everything looked as though it needed a drink of water and that after a thunderstorm. And some of the mulch they put right up against the tree trunks of some of the trees which can kill them. They also have mulch (wood) up against the house which is also a "no no."

I suppose I won't be living there again but I would not like to see the Japanese dogwood get killed over some half arsed attempt at landscaping. The amount of money they spent actually was less than what was done, so I wonder if it was the yard man that hounded me several years ago. He literally became scary, showing up at odd times of the day and night. I need to ask them if it is the same man. If so then I know why the landscaping wasn't done to the highest standards!

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Vivian M said...

Hey at least they are taking care of the place! I have renter horror stories. I will never rent my property out again.