Monday, June 23, 2008

On To Fun Things-Halloween Costumes

Always one to plan ahead I am already thinking Halloween is just around the corner you know. I mean right after July 4th, plans should start to dress your tot in the very best kids Halloween costumes to beat the whole neighborhood in the cuteness factor.

What better time than this election year to sport a great colonial style costume to remind us of the founding of this great nation. Can't you just see G in the colonial girl costume all pre-revolution and everything. Wouldn't that be great?

Maybe I can find us a matching or complimentary outfit like this with her being the cop and me the convict. I make a good convict in the form of highway speeder. She can give me tickets all night for walking too fast. We would carry the "Bad Boys" song from COPS.

With a few appropriate accessories she could be Po from Kung Fu Panda. I could be the wise sage turtle (forgot his name) or Angelina's Tigress or maybe his noodle lovin' dad, the goose.

Oh wait, I know Captain Hook, we really love the movie Peter Pan so she can go as Captain Hook and I can dress as a (modest) Tinkerbell more for the irony than anything, seeing how tink is so small and I am, well, not. She would make a good Captain Hook. Or I could even be the crocodile that follows him around to eat the rest of him.

I came up with a doozy one year for my nephew. Since Halloween falls on the beginning of the protestant reformation, I thought he could dress like Martin Luther and nail the 99 thesis on the walls or doors of houses. My sister being Southern Baptist didn't get it so she nixed the idea. Too bad too because I think it would have struck a chord at the church party.

When I was growing up we were too poor to get new costumes, and we had to wear the costumes we had from school or church plays. I happened to have played a clown in several class plays so I mostly dressed as a clown or as an angel from the church angel choir of the nativity play. I hate clowns too and I am/was no angel. But I know for at least 4 years I was a clown. My brothers were shepherds or wise men or army men. I don't think my sister ever dressed up that I remember.

I remember one year there was a haunted house nearby and my mom foolishly allowed all of my begging to get the best of her, and she let me go in with my siblings. Well, I couldn't get out of there fast enough, and when I saw the truck with my parents in there I jumped not touching the ground, seat or anything until I was in between them. I had nightmares for years after that. They laughed at me but I learned a lesson that sometimes it is best to not get everything you beg for, heh.

I was trick or treating in the years that it was safe to accept home made goodies. My grandmother used to make popcorn balls to give away. LOVED THEM. There are really good memories of the popcorn balls and helping make them. My job was to lick the bowl of the caramel. I mean it was a long time ago. I think I may have rolled a few or made a few but very few because I was all about the tasting of them. You know the ole one for you and three for me routine?

Maybe that can be something G and I make just for fun. She would enjoy playing in gooey popcorn.

Last year I dressed G in a homemade costume (birthday cake) and she did okay with it. She isn't really one to dress up much, sadly. The most fun she had was helping make the costume, and I suppose that is what is so important, the bonding time with mom and daughter. She was all about the glue and tape!!


AZMom said...

Oh you have to make me start thinking THIS far ahead? LOL I am sure they will come up with something that they HAVE to be, and soon. I need to start watching for sales because as you said, July 4th stuff goes down and Halloween stuff goes UP!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh I so want us to do Wizard of Oz...Lily Mei-Dorothy, Steve-cowardly lion, Landon-tin man, me-Glenda the Good witch, but since David is leaving in 4 weeks for basic training, I guess we would be a scarecrow you think I could get my family to go along with it? I can just imagine the excitement on their faces....


Amy & Amelia AiChun said...

I love this! I already looked at costumes, too! My parents think I am crazy...but i think it's just the fun of having a little girl to dress up and re-living childhood in our children. Amelia was Remy the Rat from Ratatouille last year. I am not sure what we will be this year!