Thursday, June 26, 2008

One More Post For The Day

G's swim teachers asked my mom if she were taking gymnastics because they said she is a natural. They said she can point her toes appropriately etc. I just love hearing good things about my girl.

But today in swim class she didn't do so well. One of her teachers asked her if she wanted to put her face in the water and she said, "no." Then my mom asked her why she didn't put her face in the water and she said, "Well, Ms. L asked me if I wanted to put my face in the water and I say, 'no.'"

I said, "Yeah just like when I ask her if she wants to take gymnastics or dance and she tells me, 'No, maybe when I'm 10 or 19, Okay, Mom?'" I guess the trick is just taking her to the class and telling her what to do as opposed to asking her questions about it. If you give her an opinion it will be opposite of what you want to hear. Of course she also said she wasn't going to take swim lessons but this morning she was so excited because today was swim day!!


The Byrd Family said...

Oh Bev...I know EXACTLY what you mean. Lottie can still put her legs straight up beside her ears without moving her bottom. People tell me all the time how flexible she is and she should take gymnastics, she has incredible upper body strength but she says,"No, Mom...maybe when I bigger like you" LOL

Hey, at least she tells me no upfront and is not wasting my money!

Tish said...

that's a cute story! i will have to remember that when matthew asking questions, just tell him what to do!!!

and i love the photo in your header!!! stunning!