Friday, June 06, 2008


Y'all I have Saturday night off from being a mom!! Yee Haw!! G is spending the night with her grammie and grandad. Speaking of G, there are two things that just throw my girl for a tizzy. One of them is her inability to be in two places at once, and the other is that her friend's mom is a teacher so they are out for the summer, can stay up later and don't have to go to school everyday.

Our little girlfriend neighbor came over for an hour last night and G fell apart because they didn't get to play everything. She was so excited to have this playfriend that she was absolutely giddy. But an hour in the summer is too short so I offered to have the girls play tonight in the jumper. I will leave it up for tomorrow and they can jump again tomorrow. The deal is though that G can't spend the night with her grammie and OMGoodness the waterworks. So we worked out that even though she misses her grandaddy ::SOB:: she will be spending Saturday night with them, thus my night off.

Now I do miss her when she isn't there so don't get my first sentence wrong. It is just that every parent needs a night off or at least a lengthy bit of time off. So I will be attending a function by a co-worker with an ex-co-worker. Fun huh? Oh and my ex co worker works still at what has now become my competitor's company, heh! Technically speaking Third Thing is in the same industry that I left two years ago.

And can I just say that I am really liking it here at Third Thing? I was sent on a coffee run by way of the bank to drop off a deposit and not only did one of the owners pay for my coffee but he also gave me $5 for gas. That is so appreciated on so many levels. It is unreal. To be appreciated and not have to fight for every little bit of recognition is so nice!! So despite all of the firings, of which one more happened this week (farther distance from me) I am enjoying my time here.


Johnny said...

I've always wanted to know, with all the personal changes how many people are left!?!

Vivian M said...

I am glad they have left you alone and are treating you well. It sounded a bit scary there for awhile!
Hope you have a wonderful night off!