Friday, June 06, 2008

Social Spark-Paid Ad

Check out my profile on SocialSpark. Just one more way to attempt to keep up with the breve addiction. Not real sure how this will work. Seems to be the same set up as the payperpost site. Not sure because I am a psuedo-blogger wannabe how to insert all of the javascripts into the code of this blog. They seem to be fairly easy to work with. The company I believe is the same relationship as the payperpost company which is cool.

The profile page is very informative on how many views the blog gets and who is looking at the blog. That is very interesting to me. I checked out some other bloggers that had viewed my blog as far back as April. This world is much smaller in the internet world, that is for sure.

Maybe more detailed instruction for those of us super blogger wannabes would make getting the links right easier. So stop by, if you are a blogger there are great opportunities and if you figure something out that I haven't please drop me a line and share. Thanks, Me

UPDATED: I got a little help from a friend. There seems to be higher paid opportunities at SocialSpark based on other SocialSpark bloggers giving members kudos or "props." The more props a blogger has the better the opportunity. I think it will be a good place to be and to meet new bloggers. And if it pays for a latte every now and then? even better.

Paid for by SocialSpark.

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