Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Darling Chinese Redneck

G loves tatoos. We put these on before bedtime one night. She now only sleeps in "big guhrl panties and puuwup."

 By morning the tats had all wiped off from her not going to sleep and wiggling and squirming. 

That night I even went so far as to tell her if she didn't get still I was going to call the wickie witch to come get her. Yes I know it was mean and I told her I was just teasing but not till the morning.
Oh and it only worked a minute!

This Is What I Came Home To Today

Clementine, my dog, in the kennel, in the doorway of the dining room, chewing on my daughter's bag's strap.

See where the dirt is? That is where the kennel usually sits; actually where I left her this morning.
See her drinking that water? That water bowl stays in that spot in the floor and she managed to move the kennel without spilling any water.
There is a big storm moving in this area. No rain yet but lots of lightening and a significant drop in temp. She has now had a dose of benadryl and another dose of melatonin but she hasn't peed or pooed yet since 7:20ish this morning. She runs out in the yard and runs right back in without doing anything. I hate summer thunderstorms.

Update On a Friend

Ellen is a celebrity! Check this out. She has also been chosen to represent St. Jude on the Christmas cards this year. She may end up being a big celebrity for St. Jude on the telethons etc. Her treatment is going so well and she is tracking where she should be.

The family has gone through some hardships with her grandmother falling and breaking her hip right after her grandfather passed away. You can link back to her caringbridge site and read about their stressful year so far. Leave them an encouraging note if you think of it too.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Before Giving the Bad News

Here is a little conversation with G.

Yesterday morning she wakes up and says, "I wanna watch a moobie."

Me: "Okay, what moobie do you want to watch?" (Yes I mimic her baby words for now. I am not ready for her to completely grow up.

G: "I wanna watch Palladalin, you know Palladalin."

Me: "Umm, yeah, it sounds familiar but I can't place it right now." (too early)

G: (starting to melt down over misunderstanding) "YOU KNOW PALLADALIN. I AWWEADY TELLED YOU."

Me: "Okay, baby, don't get upset. I just can't think right now. You can show me." (not one drop of coffee had I had yet)

G: (crossing arms) "NO."

Me: (after giving some more thought to it) "G, tell me a little bit about Palladalin."

G: "You memember, Palladalin finds aginia and makes a man." (aginia=genie)

Me: (after breakfast) "Okay come show me."

G: "DIS ONE." Pointing clearly to Aladdin. Umm yeah that would be palladalin.

When I rehearsed this conversation with a friend who has no children at the moment she understood immediately. Of course I chalk that up to the fact that I told her later in the day and we had both had coffee by that point! Oh and she can speak 4-year-old.

Bad News: One more lay off. This time my co-worker for not stepping up to the plate and shining like the star they need. I was told a head of time because I have seen so many people go that my boss wanted to be sure to reassure me that I am fine, again.

I am going to get the "big head" about my "star like" abilities that I am going to screw up royally or I am going to become disgruntled over their lack of rewarding me in the manner to which a star should be rewarded. Oh and yes I think I have complained about this co-worker a lot because he asks me stuff he should know how to do. And I won't pretend that isn't frustrating because I don't make as much as him. Oh and he has an inkling because the nanny can't keep her mouth shut and told him the owners were interviewing people for his position. Nice huh?

My maternal grandmother never liked to take compliments and would respond with "Oh you are going to give me the big head."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well That Didn't Last Long

I'm a Top Mommma!

And I know I had more clicks than at least one other new contender who is still on it. I just don't understand. Oh well. I won't be trying again unless I get a super cool pic that will be sure to remain.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm a Top Momma

I'm a Top Mommma! Finally after trying and trying I made it on to the TOPMOMMA site. Now I need your help. As often as you can go to the site and click on this pic. Read that as daily go to this site and click on this pic. Let's see how far I can go. Help me get to the topmomma hall of fame please!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Tried Unmoderated Comments

but then I got a strange comment from a Monika about a neighbor screaming at her over her dog. At first I thought I recognized the name but I think it was an ad for sending e-cards to people you don't like. I think the thing that makes me think it isn't a real comment was that it was on G's cutting paper post which has nothing to do with a dog. So I will leave it stand but please be aware that if you are posting comments that include advertisements I will not allow it. If there is something you need to advertise either contact me directly or click on the Pay Per Post Direct button on the side bar.

Now about a free ad from a sewing friend of mine. One of the single mom FCC members locally is moving to another city and into a smaller home from what she has now due to a new job. There is not enough room in her new space for her sewing work table. If anyone in my area or anyone willing to come get it, wants the table (it is very very nice by the way) to start a sewing business let me know and I will pass your info on to her. I think she is giving it away but I am not sure. She built the table herself and has been using it for 2 years.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

G is a Cutter

In the mornings as I get ready for work, G sits here in one of her chairs and watches a movie. While doing that she cuts paper. I hardly ever pay attention to this area because I am usually getting ready then walking out the door so no time then. 

Today though as I was cleaning the house and picking up everything I noticed where her cuttings were going!! If she isn't cutting paper she is painting her hands with markers or washable paint pens!! So I guess I would rather pick up paper than clean up paint!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

More Gotcha Celebration

Getting the tissue paper out of the way first.

Grammie sitting beside her helping her open her gift.

Out comes the first thing and she realizes it is craft stuffs.

I found this make your own book thing so she did get a book anyway.

Getting her lipstick full of toe polish junk. That went with Grammie for the night so they can do toes and fingers, heh.

Love the big smile on her here. She was so excited that I actually got her some tattoos. We love the temp tattoos. My mom doesn't like tattoos and was trying hard to understand what G was saying. Some times it is hard to keep a straight face.

We headed to Ameca's Mexican restaurant where they shove the celebratory dessert in your nose for your birthday. We chowed down on the white cheese dip and I am still burping up the very greasy flautas as I type.

G couldn't finish her nutritious dinner of rice and french fries so she will have a snack at her grammie's house later. She has already declared tomorrow to be an early day for them because she is "gonna wake up when the dahk is still on."

I have been gathering little bits of stuff to give her and then hit the WalMart craft isle for some fun mother/daughter projects. I let her open her bag while waiting on our food. There was so much she didn't even get through it all.

I asked her yesterday what she wanted and I suggested a book to which she replied, "Oh Mama, dat is nuffin' but a read." (translation: that is nothing but reading). So I guess she didn't want a book.

She didn't want a baby doll because she just really isn't into baby dolls sadly. We have a bunch and I like buying them for her but she doesn't really play with them. She really just likes the crafty stuff now!

Gorilla Tough? In Whose Language?

I got home tonight to meet my parents who had already picked up G and am greeted at the door by Clementine. My dog, Clementine, who is extremely anxious. Clementine, my Aussie, who is terrified of loud thunderstorms. Clementine, the mid-sized 60 lb. dog, who was put up in the Gorilla Tough kennel when I left work this morning.

I also noted that this same dog, Clementine, tore up the plastic mattress cover that was keeping the cat piss off the futon. She also chewed on some markers and scattered plastic from I what I haven't figured out yet, all over the floor. The dog, who was supposed to still be in the Gorilla Tough kennel that she is not supposed to be able to break out of.

If my overly anxious dog can break out of the damned gorilla tough kennel then WTF? am I supposed to do to protect my house? This is the second time she did that in 2 years. Maybe I should just be grateful she is only averaging 1 break out a year?!?!?! But if she is out long enough, there will be a lot of damage!! She is extremely destructive. She chewed the Gorilla Tough sign (made of metal) right off the kennel from the inside.

Oh and she is working on the siding of the house that just got replaced this spring. She has already pulled it partly off the house. I think I am going to cry. It is just too much.

The Day At The Beach

Getting there fresh in the early afternoon.
Still smiling in the heat.

Pouring water over the sand in the bucket. Filling the bucket with sand to try and make a sand castle.

Looking a bit worn right before going in (last pic on the beach). Then playing on the play ground near the camper.

Our hostess, CA walking down the slide. Two grumpy overtired girls watching Barney and (not) sharing (well) the blankie!

No pics of me as I was the picture taker as always!!

Happy Gotcha Day, Baby Girl!

July 25, 2005
July 25, 2006
July 25, 2007
July 25, 2008
Today is our 3rd Gotcha Day. Our Family Day where we were officially made a family by adoption happened on the 26th after the harmonious period (which wasn't) ended. As you can tell in the first photo she did not like me! Some of the other pics shows how hard it is to get her to either smile for me while looking at me or even just to look at me. She doesn't give me the best eye contact. And smiling for pics has been very very rare indeed.

This morning she was watching the Fox and the Hound (prounced very canada-esque) and cutting paper which is a new very fun past time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Remember this? My parents received word yesterday that the kidney cancer found in my aunt has spread into her bones. There is nothing they can do to save her. She currently has a blood infection from who knows where and is in quarantine. Her doctor told my cousin that she will not be able to go to the wedding but they could have a service there in her room when she is able. So the one dream my aunt had of seeing her only son get married and start a family won't come true. And you know what is sad? This same aunt is counting the number of get well cards and making note of (and commenting on) the family members who didn't send her one. How sad is that?!?!?

My one thought is G and I won't be able to see her alive and I don't think she is a believer so we won't even see her in death. That is a hard reality to face and makes me so sad. I was hoping that work would have given me a raise enough to be able to get tickets for G and me for a long weekend to see her. Oh well. How do I fix that? No it is not work not giving me a large enough raise that I don't have the money so I am not upset with work for that; those were all my mistakes and hopes. I am mad at myself for not having the money to go though.

I would like to see her alive one more time and let G see her again. But she will be flown home and buried here so at least we will have some closure. I hate that financial burden for her son just after he is married. My dad will make all of the burial arrangements though and pay for them. Their family is dwindling seems rapidly. Just now my dad and his brother left in the immediate family. Boy life is so precious and fleeting.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Tell You

Lice is kicking my arse this summer. Twice at G's school/daycare they have sent a child home with lice. I have had to do the whole sheet re-washing thing and everything. Just the mere suggestion of lice though and I feel bugs crawling on me.

Last night after I read the school note about the lice, I was def itching. At one point G was on my lap and I typically felt the itching on my neck. Then all of a sudden her hand goes down the front of my shirt and she yells, "BUG!"

Freaks the stew out of me and sure enough their was a bug a little bigger than a gnat that had gotten on my necklace (making my neck itch) and then crawled down my shirt. I am not a liker of creepy crawly things.

And you know what? Just thinking about it I am itching again. My mom already checked me for lice and I am clean as is G. Somethings will always and forever be a mom's responsibility and checking for lice is one of those!!

Getting the Right Opportunity to Expand

Cisco certification available on line for IT certification and career paths. Something I never thought I would be interested in but here the opportunity presents itself. How can I say "no"?

I am going to present a proposal to my boss to help me expand my knowledge in this field in order to compliment the position I currently have. I think payroll and IT should go hand in hand for a company this small. I think this would totally be an asset to the company. I could def. help the one and only IT guy we have working for us now. I could even be a better wage negotiator with open opportunities outside of this current company in the exploding field of IT.

Just think what I could do on the side though with an IT certification. The possibilities are endless. I would first start with the General Certifications beginning with associate level working up through the expert level. There are several online events and webcasts in which to participate not to mention prep centers with practice exams. Maybe I could gain helpful information just attending the webcasts?

Technology is where I need to be career wise. Funny, while in college taking computer courses, the language was total Greek to me, and I was totally bored in computer lab. But now I see the value in having the knowledge as well as the proper certifications to move forward.

Of course I will need to plead my case very well for the cost of the lab is way out of my personal range to afford. I could totally see me being more of an asset than I am (so they tell me) now with this knowledge. Plus, the owners (my bosses), in this male dominated field, would have to give me the respect the certification deserves for persevering and completing the training.

With this certification I can be "always right" on a whole different level. So let me ask you, what is stopping you from moving forward in a whole new direction/career?

Sponsored by Cisco

Six Words

Tagged by Susan for a Six Words to Describe Me meme. She warned me to be nice. So does this mean you guys can see my depression or moods through the blog?!?!?!

Okay, here they are in no particular order:

Exhausted: My eyes are so heavy that if given half a chance I would most certainly fall asleep except between the hours of 9pm and midnight, when I am fully alert.

Proud: I am so proud of my G and all she is accomplishing. She told me last night that her cousin Ally showed her how to open her eyes in the swimming pool. I can't even do that, it actually makes me tear up when I think of it and not from sadness but from irritation.

Forgetful: As G says, "Mama, you mememry is wunned out of batter-wies."

Optimistic: That I will get out of debt soon and that my company really does feel the way they claim too.

Burdened: By past failures that I can't seem to let go of especially when it comes to finances.

Hormonal/emotional: Cycle time

There you have it. 6 word description of me at this moment in time.

Now as Susan also said, everyone has been tagged and if you would like to do this please join. E-mail me or leave a comment and let me know if you added this meme to your blog.

And to my summer pals (yes I have two) G is working on a project to send to you both. We hope you will like it a lot!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swimming Pics and Other Ramblings

G and her grammie swam on Sunday after lunch/before nap. My mom bought a float raft for the pool. The first pic is of G in her favorite post swim outfit, my mother's coverup.

My dad even got in it for awhile after he re-did the landscaping around the pool Sunday. It was hot and he needed to be cool.

G was busy painting on her canvas tote bag. By the way, it is Tuesday night at 7pm and G has Grammie in the pool with her because she wanted to swim. I had said no because of the time but Grammie over rules me at her house.

Near and Dear to My Heart

What a better way to honor my grandmother than to join the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. There is a need for team captains as well as general participation all over the nation.

My maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1991-92. In hindsight she probably was displaying symptoms much earlier but a car accident in 1991 accelerated the symptoms. She stayed by herself a while after that. Maybe 1998-99 she entered the nursing home. By that point she had been hallucinating or having the day terrors and locking herself out of her home. The locking part was really strange because I never really knew my grandmother to lock her door when she was home.

She was a widow who finished raising her last two kids alone. She worked for the same department her husband had. She retired from that job in 1988. She was my favorite grandmother because she treated me like I was growing up. I spoke with her everyday while she lived at home and while she had a phone in the nursing home.

Her demise was extra difficult for me because we were so close. She forgot who I was totally. She got really mad at me once while she was in the hospital and though she never cussed she said some hurtful things to me. Then I would be hurt and mad at myself for being hurt since she really couldn't help it. It really wasn't her anymore. She is at peace now. She passed in 2002 while in the nursing home. She is completely healed and with her Christ right now. I have a hope that she will be greeting me when I die too.

So in honor of my grandmother, I may check into this either for this year or next year to sign up and be a team captain. The walk is typically in the fall and only about 2 to 3 miles so I may not be able to sign up as team captain this year but at least may join a team. This maybe the catalyst to get me up and moving and back in shape even if I just get back to my 2004 shape/weight.

By teaming up with the Alzheimer's Association, we can walk with a purpose – and move us closer to a world without Alzheimer's. Together, we can MOVE a nation.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk