Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Before Giving the Bad News

Here is a little conversation with G.

Yesterday morning she wakes up and says, "I wanna watch a moobie."

Me: "Okay, what moobie do you want to watch?" (Yes I mimic her baby words for now. I am not ready for her to completely grow up.

G: "I wanna watch Palladalin, you know Palladalin."

Me: "Umm, yeah, it sounds familiar but I can't place it right now." (too early)

G: (starting to melt down over misunderstanding) "YOU KNOW PALLADALIN. I AWWEADY TELLED YOU."

Me: "Okay, baby, don't get upset. I just can't think right now. You can show me." (not one drop of coffee had I had yet)

G: (crossing arms) "NO."

Me: (after giving some more thought to it) "G, tell me a little bit about Palladalin."

G: "You memember, Palladalin finds aginia and makes a man." (aginia=genie)

Me: (after breakfast) "Okay come show me."

G: "DIS ONE." Pointing clearly to Aladdin. Umm yeah that would be palladalin.

When I rehearsed this conversation with a friend who has no children at the moment she understood immediately. Of course I chalk that up to the fact that I told her later in the day and we had both had coffee by that point! Oh and she can speak 4-year-old.

Bad News: One more lay off. This time my co-worker for not stepping up to the plate and shining like the star they need. I was told a head of time because I have seen so many people go that my boss wanted to be sure to reassure me that I am fine, again.

I am going to get the "big head" about my "star like" abilities that I am going to screw up royally or I am going to become disgruntled over their lack of rewarding me in the manner to which a star should be rewarded. Oh and yes I think I have complained about this co-worker a lot because he asks me stuff he should know how to do. And I won't pretend that isn't frustrating because I don't make as much as him. Oh and he has an inkling because the nanny can't keep her mouth shut and told him the owners were interviewing people for his position. Nice huh?

My maternal grandmother never liked to take compliments and would respond with "Oh you are going to give me the big head."


Briana's Mom said...

Palladalin - now that is funny! Right now, I am trying to understand two year old speak and I am not doing too well.

Elisa. said...

It's funny how the baby talk sticks and then you end up saying it, my son when he was small used to say di-da-do for something that was messy or dirty and now I say it all the time..bad eh!

laurel said...

That was a great conversation. I didn't get that it was alladin either. SHe is a funny girl.

laurel said...

I would never have guessed she was talking about Aladdin. She is such a darling.

AZMom said...

Palladalin. That is too cute!

Glad you survived the layoffs. I hear about my "magic" abilities too at work and how wonderful I am and how thankful they are to have me. Ya, it's nice to hear after the jerk I worked for before, but I too am afraid that the day I do screw up, it is going to shatter that image and really screw me up there too.

The Byrd Family said...

That is funny! Lottie will do the same thing with me and get so mad because I can't understand her and she will say, "I alweady told figure it out!"....Nice!