Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congrats To Focus On The Family

"Focus Daily Radio Show Wins Place in Hall of Fame

Dr. Dobson's fans propelled him to victory through online votes
Colorado Springs, Colo. -- Dr. James Dobson's more than 30 years of broadcasting have been honored with induction to the National Radio Hall of Fame. The 2008 Class was the first selected through national online voting, and the "Focus on the Family" broadcast is the first religious program to receive such an honor.

"I've made a living putting thoughts into words throughout my adult life, but it is difficult to express how I feel about this honor," said Dr. James Dobson today at a staff assembly. "I am especially pleased because the wonderful people at Focus on the Family deserve it. Our radio program has not been a solo effort. It has been a symphony performed by more than 10,000 people over the past 32 years. I am indebted to them all."

"Particularly, I want to thank the Broadcast Team, past and present. They have earned the accolades this honor recognizes. I also want to thank all the friends across the nation who cast their votes for me. I love and appreciate them all."

Focus on the Family President and CEO Jim Daly added: "To have 'Focus on the Family' honored in this manner means we've made a difference in families all over the world. That Dr. Dobson's listeners recognized the excellence and relevance of the content of the daily broadcast and voted to give him a much-deserved win shows Dr. Dobson's influence is as strong as ever in the hearts of his fans, as well as in the culture."

As host of the daily broadcast, Dr. Dobson's joins the ranks of radio luminaries such as Orson Wells, Paul Harvey, Gene Autry, Bing Cosby, Kate Smith, Jack Benny, Walter Winchell, Dick Clark and Rush Limbaugh, while "Focus on the Family" is featured alongside shows like "The Shadow" and "Your Hit Parade."

Dr. Dobson didn't anticipate the overwhelming and immediate success of the broadcast. Soon after his program went on the air in 1977, however, Dr. Dobson received an avalanche of mail from people across the country asking him for help and advice. Today, Dr. Dobson's internationally syndicated radio program is heard daily on more than 3,000 radio stations across North America. It also airs in 27 languages in more than 160 countries.

The Hall of Fame's 2008 steering committee nominated Dr. Dobson in the "national active" category, alongside Bob Costas, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Howard Stern. To qualify, a broadcaster must have contributed to the radio industry on a national level for at least 10 years."

Definitely an honor that is well deserved. This organization has many different facets and one of the programs is a kids radio program called Adventures in Odessy. I love it. It harkens back to the old before TV radio programs and really makes you use your imagination. In my area it comes on at 8:30 am on Sat and I can't wait until G sits still long enough to catch on. Right now she is too busy.

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Thanks for posting this. I am so out of touch, I wouldn't have known!!