Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day At The Beach

I took two disposable cameras so true beach pics will be a while in coming. G had a ball. We stayed at the beach for 2 hours. I managed to get sunburned only on my back which means the coppertone spray worked every where it landed. Our friends didn't stay long at the beach. They went back to the camper and took a nap. I could have had as much fun doing that too. G had another "best day eber" playing with the buckets and shovels and swimming with the kick board and noodle. She dunked herself three times under water even.

There was a group of kids there and a few supervising adults. The adults were not in the water but on the beach in chairs. One girl was in a floatie and I already saw that she couldn't swim. She would float herself in the deep end (over her head) and yell, "I am in the deep end." Finally I got tired of watching her and waiting for her to slip through and I told her to get back where she could stand and don't go again if she couldn't swim.

Then another girl was calling "Help! I can't walk." I am sure she was only playing with her friends but this was a non life guarded lake and the helps may have been serious or may have caused the adults to not respond to a serious call if it happened. So I told her to stop hollering for help and to not go where she was not able to walk with no problems.

Yes I got mean and no they weren't my kids. Too bad, if there aren't enough good swimmers then they shouldn't have been out there. I wouldn't go where I couldn't stand with G even if she had her noodle or kickboard. I was asked several times by some kids in the group to use our noodle or kick board but I said no. I didn't want to take the risk that something would happen from a false sense of security of the noodle or kick board.

I did let a family of sisters play with G's buckets, shovels and ball. They all played well together with Gs, but G also wanted to swim, so we did. One of the girls tried to follow us out until I asked her if she could swim. When she said no I told her she couldn't come with us. At one point her grandmother came to sit near us and watch them. She had an almost 1 year old with her. All of the girls that had long enough hair had it beautifully braided.

I appreciated that the oldest sister asked permission to play and didn't just start playing like some of the kids (to me that means some kids are being raised to respect other people's things). She also tried to help G build a sand castle because, well, I suck at it.

Then it was time to go and the girls playing with G had to go to dinner too. G of course cried. She didn't want the sand on her anymore but we still had to traipse to the car. I had at least three heavy loads to take. Of course anything is heavy after 2 hours at the beach. Then it was back at the camper to wash off in the itsy bitsy shower/bath, for more play and dinner. CA and G played really well together. CA got a good 2 hour nap' G none so she was a bit testy!

J (the mom) made a wonderful dinner. G astounded me and made me a liar by eating all of my baked potato instead of the rice I said she loved. C (the dad) had just returned from fishing all day in time for dinner. CA eats supper like G used to do, walk around, play a little, get a bite, do it all over. Then after the girls were done with dinner they went in to the very teeny tiny bedroom and jumped on the bed giggling the whole time.

When we left, G fell asleep before we got out of the lake area. She was talking about Cinderella and then quiet. I looked back and she was out. At one point she roused herself enough to reaffirm that she could watch the rest of Cinderella. Then when we got home she was grumpy and said her leg hurt. Plus I had promised her that I would get her some french fries but she fell asleep so I didn't. I had to make her some before bed. She couldn't walk the rest of the night but said her leg told her that it wouldn't hurt this morning and it hasn't.


mommy24treasures said...

sounds like a fun day:)

fricke92 said...

Where were the adults supervising the other kids?!? I hate it when I feel like I have to watch out for every kid in sight because no one else is around. Glad you had a good day at the beach!

Super Mommy said...

Sounds like fun, fun, fun! The good thing about the lake vs. the beach is you don't have to worry about jelly fish and other stingy, biting things!

Vivian M said...

Wow what an adventure! And not eat rice? Since when! (Kerri loves the stuff).
I am so glad Glenys had the best time "eber"! Hopefully you are recuperating from your weekend!