Friday, July 18, 2008

The Evening Just Gets Better

Guess who is going to see Dan Zanes? That's right a friend of a friend had tickets she can't use and we are getting 2. It is tomorrow. I have only seen some of his stuff on noggin. I just went to his web site and am a bit disappointed to see him participating in the "code pink" demonstration. Glad I didn't actually pay for the tickets. Had I known I would have declined and still might.

We actually have a big day tomorrow with a birthday of one of our Citygirls at a bounce place from 9:30am to 11:30am. Cake and ice cream only, yippee, over stimulation and sugar will make for a long morning. Then we are meeting a friend for lunch.

The concert is at 4pm over an hour away so although initially excited now I am rethinking the how tos. See the birthday party is 40 mins from us the opposite direction of the concert. So We would have a gaping period of time that nap would be needed and useful but wouldn't necessarily be able to come home between events. Although it sounds like a lot of time between there really isn't. Oh well, G didn't know him anyway though she might recognize a song or two.

I may pick the tickets up anyway just in case and play it all by ear or level of grumpiness, whatever!

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