Friday, July 11, 2008

Eye Doc Rant

Took G back to the eye doc that diagnosed her with having Asian eyes (becoming an every 6 month experience). I have decided this doc is crazy. So I tell this doc that at night G has itchy eyes so I started putting a cool damp wash cloth on her eyes for bed. So the kindly(crazy) doc gave me a Rx for antihistamine drops to use in the a.m.

Great so I didn't get them filled, and the appt was Tuesday. Obviously I don't think that G really needs them. I took the Rx to the pharmacy today, and then was told that my insurance refused to pay. I said, "Fine, how much is it?" $117! for a 4 year old!

That woman is crazy! I said, "Is there not a cheaper alternative?" Yes, Zidacam, or something OTC like that, a 12 hour drop as opposed to the 24 hour Rx drop.

I am absolutely not mad at the insurance company because by my right I could have bought those drops at the full price, meaning the pharmacy wasn't refusing to fill it just because my insurance wouldn't pay. And I wouldn't pay if I were an insurance company either, for a 4 year old.

I, however, was going to pay full price to be a good mom, until I thought about putting drops in G's eyes, esp. drops that cost $117. All I could envision was dollar signs dripping down her cheeks, not in her eyes. Personally, I think G's itchy eyes are an attempt at not going to bed, but I will be an adequate (not a good mom) by getting some drops to use at night. I also got the artificial tears as recommended by the doc. And I got the ones on clearance because well, I don't think she needs them. I hope I can teach her how to put them in cause, shee-ite, I hate drops in my eyes!!

Now though the drops are in a bag in the front seat of my car burning up in this over 90 heat. Oh well.


Vivian M said...

Time to get a second opinion and/or change doctors! I always trust my gut, and if I have any doubts I get a second opinion (which is usually covered by insurance anyway).
Ouch on the drop prices! Is there a generic?

amy said...

wow!, 117 dollars!

The Byrd Family said...

The cost of prescriptions is just ridiculous! I don't like drops in my eyes either. Emma Jane needs to go back to the eye doctor, although she will never wear her what is the point?

They will do four rounds of drops and you are right...they just drip down her face while she is screaming! I told Greg that I will just wait until she is interested in seeing things better...she has horrible vision!

Couchkat said...

That's just ridiculous.
What exactly is Asian eyes? Besides the obvious?

AZMom said...

Ya, that doc is nuts! I use OTC allergy eye meds for myself and my kids. They work just fine. :0)

Ellie Monster said...

Holy shmagoly! That's obscene - but don't get me started on insurance companies/drug prices/blah, blah, blah. As far as eye drops (Child Safety Alert Ahead) if Visine is on the list of drops you have at home be sure to keep them away from her. They can be very dangerous for children if ingested.