Sunday, July 06, 2008


Yesterday was the T family reunion. This is my mom's family. Usually this consists of my grandmother's 7 kids, 2 nieces and a nephew. Then add the majority of children from the 7 original sibs and their children. On that side of the family there were 15 grandkids and all but 2 have children. None of the greats have children yet, thankfully.

There were a total of 46 people at my cousin's home yesterday. Only two of my mother's brothers couldn't come. None of my sibs came, one had reason the other two, meh. One of my aunt's had all of her kids and all of her grandkids except one who is in college in AL. Two of my cousins and their families came from VA and FL and drove the whole way.

G found her new love, the first born of my first cousin. A. was so good with her. A. has a 2 year old sister also an A. The two year old was not loved but a little bit by G. Baby A was adorable and very very smart. She is also the one who fell down the stairs and got knocked in the head by the swing. She is also the one who belongs to an over-protective first time father.

I have some pics of the day but haven't had a chance to really look at them so I will post them later. We had a good time. G had the "best time eber."


Vivian M said...

How nice that everyone got together to see each other! I don't think we ever have been able to get everyone together that way, not even for a wedding or a funeral (everyone is just too far away).

Super Mommy said...

What a great time! We used to attend the family reunions (on my dad's side) all the time, then we grew up and out of state . . . I do cherish those moments though.

AZMom said...

So glad you all had fun! WOW that is a lot of people! My family is not nearly so large! Glad Glenys had the best time eber!