Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting the Right Opportunity to Expand

Cisco certification available on line for IT certification and career paths. Something I never thought I would be interested in but here the opportunity presents itself. How can I say "no"?

I am going to present a proposal to my boss to help me expand my knowledge in this field in order to compliment the position I currently have. I think payroll and IT should go hand in hand for a company this small. I think this would totally be an asset to the company. I could def. help the one and only IT guy we have working for us now. I could even be a better wage negotiator with open opportunities outside of this current company in the exploding field of IT.

Just think what I could do on the side though with an IT certification. The possibilities are endless. I would first start with the General Certifications beginning with associate level working up through the expert level. There are several online events and webcasts in which to participate not to mention prep centers with practice exams. Maybe I could gain helpful information just attending the webcasts?

Technology is where I need to be career wise. Funny, while in college taking computer courses, the language was total Greek to me, and I was totally bored in computer lab. But now I see the value in having the knowledge as well as the proper certifications to move forward.

Of course I will need to plead my case very well for the cost of the lab is way out of my personal range to afford. I could totally see me being more of an asset than I am (so they tell me) now with this knowledge. Plus, the owners (my bosses), in this male dominated field, would have to give me the respect the certification deserves for persevering and completing the training.

With this certification I can be "always right" on a whole different level. So let me ask you, what is stopping you from moving forward in a whole new direction/career?

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