Friday, July 18, 2008

G Conversations

and three in a row posts, cool huhn?

Last night after our shower, G wasn't dressed yet. I was dressed but brushing my teeth or something and have I ever told you how infatuated G is with her most private of parts? It drives me nuts because, well, a female is all inside and poking or proding without knowledge could cause injury or give her an infection or something, so I would rather her keep her little fingers away (this is not up for discussion). So anyway, she is sitting in the floor half cross legged just looking hard.

All of a sudden in her most confused voice she says, "Mama, why does my bobum wook wike dat?"

I said, "Look like what?"

She said, "Why do I gotta yine der?" (got a line on it)

After the initial shock of the question, I said, "Well, baby, that is your dividing line."

You know some of these questions are hard and better left for another day!!


AZMom said...

Oh gosh...gotta love those talks. That ranks right up there with my son telling my daughter to quit hiding her p*n!s. LOL Sorry...trying to keep your blog family friendly.

Don & Denise Sullivan said...

Thanks for the late night laugh! I know my time is coming soon too. Doh!!

Vivian M said...

Your dividing line??!! You kill me! LOL! You really do think fast on your feet!