Friday, July 25, 2008

Gorilla Tough? In Whose Language?

I got home tonight to meet my parents who had already picked up G and am greeted at the door by Clementine. My dog, Clementine, who is extremely anxious. Clementine, my Aussie, who is terrified of loud thunderstorms. Clementine, the mid-sized 60 lb. dog, who was put up in the Gorilla Tough kennel when I left work this morning.

I also noted that this same dog, Clementine, tore up the plastic mattress cover that was keeping the cat piss off the futon. She also chewed on some markers and scattered plastic from I what I haven't figured out yet, all over the floor. The dog, who was supposed to still be in the Gorilla Tough kennel that she is not supposed to be able to break out of.

If my overly anxious dog can break out of the damned gorilla tough kennel then WTF? am I supposed to do to protect my house? This is the second time she did that in 2 years. Maybe I should just be grateful she is only averaging 1 break out a year?!?!?! But if she is out long enough, there will be a lot of damage!! She is extremely destructive. She chewed the Gorilla Tough sign (made of metal) right off the kennel from the inside.

Oh and she is working on the siding of the house that just got replaced this spring. She has already pulled it partly off the house. I think I am going to cry. It is just too much.

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Vivian M said...

I am so sorry to hear your pooch is being destructive. It sounds like he has separation anxiety. Does he have chew rawhides? They can help. Your vet may be able to give you some tips on how to handle the behaviour and sometimes they even medicate the dog to calm it down. I just used crate training, rawhide chews and left an old t shirt in the crate with him. My schnauzer destroyed my home before he conquered his issues, and it was a very expensive lesson for us both.