Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Tried Unmoderated Comments

but then I got a strange comment from a Monika about a neighbor screaming at her over her dog. At first I thought I recognized the name but I think it was an ad for sending e-cards to people you don't like. I think the thing that makes me think it isn't a real comment was that it was on G's cutting paper post which has nothing to do with a dog. So I will leave it stand but please be aware that if you are posting comments that include advertisements I will not allow it. If there is something you need to advertise either contact me directly or click on the Pay Per Post Direct button on the side bar.

Now about a free ad from a sewing friend of mine. One of the single mom FCC members locally is moving to another city and into a smaller home from what she has now due to a new job. There is not enough room in her new space for her sewing work table. If anyone in my area or anyone willing to come get it, wants the table (it is very very nice by the way) to start a sewing business let me know and I will pass your info on to her. I think she is giving it away but I am not sure. She built the table herself and has been using it for 2 years.


AZMom said...

hmmm...I got that comment too. Maybe I should go and delete it. Can we delete comments left by others? If we can, then I will.

Vivian M said...

I saw that comment and was confused. Good luck to your friend with her move!