Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Internet Explorer Being a Poop Today

I can’t get cooperation from internet explorer today to do anything even on the laptop with cell phone connection.  So I will leave you with the G conversation we had today:

G:  “Do you wike youself?”
Me:  “Yes, why?”
G:  “Do you wike yoor fat?”
Me:  “Yes for now.”
G:  “Well, do you wike yoor hay-er?”
Me:  “Yes but would like a decent style.  Why do you like yourself?”
G:  “No.”
Me:  “Well, what part do you not like?”
G:  “My shoes.”
Me:  “Well, your shoes are not a part of you.  You can change your shoes.  Do you like your feet?  Because I do.”
G:  “No because my feet have monstors in dem.”
Me:  “Your feet don’t have monsters in them.”
G:  “Oh yes dey do, in my bwud.”
Me:  “Oh well, is it the monsters that made you so grumpy this morning?”
G:  “Yes and dey say ‘ROWR’ wike dat and loud.”


The Byrd Family said...

I LOVE these conversations and I am so glad you are writing them down......she will just love to read them when she gets older!

Ellie Monster said...

I wish that children had the capabilities to compose their imaginations into prose because they are so friggin' creative!!! The best stories come from the minds of children without them even realizing it.

Tasha said...

am not looking forward to having Babyluv asking me if I like my fat. You handle questions wonderfully!!! I'm envious. I would have broken down into tears.

Vivian M said...

I wonder if Glenys' monsters and Kerri's monsters know each other. We should introduce them someday!